Westlake Police: Bogus Bills at Crocker Park

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A suspect tried to pass counterfeit $50 bills at a Crocker Pk. Blvd store on Jan. 8 at 8:40 p.m., report Westlake Police. An attentive salesperson was aware of a similar incident at a nearby store and refused the sale. The suspect has the same description as the prior occurrence: black female 25-30 years old approx. 5’6″ -5’8″,  slender build, wearing leggings and heels, a green and blue jacket, short hair with blonde highlights, star tattoos behind ears and alongside both sides of her neck and writing tattoo on inside wrists. She left in a small light colored SUV, possibly a Ford Escape.

Paramedic Injured by Drunk Patient

An intoxicated 42-year-old North Olmsted man injured a St. John Medical Center paramedic during an assault on Jan. 15 at 7:09 p.m. He fought with hospital staff, breaking the victim’s lower right leg. He will be arrested for Fel. Assault and Misconduct at an Emergency when released from the hospital.

Wrong Number

An intoxicated 21-year-old Weymouth Cr. man mistook a neighboring apartment for his own place on Jan. 11 at 4:04 AM. He forced his way in and got comfy on the couch. He was arrested for DCI.

Butt Head

A rock was thrown through the window of a Detroit Rd. store at 12:17AM on Jan. 15, setting off the alarm. CCTV showed that a male entered the building and stole $3500 worth of cigarettes. Two other suspects are seen next to a silver Saturn which they parked nearby. The first suspect may have been in the store just prior to closing; shoe print and other evidence were collected from the scene.

Head Butt

A 41-year-old Cleveland man tried to crawl in a window, and then kicked in the front door of his father-in-law’s Dover Center Rd. home on Jan. 14 at 4:01PM. He head-butted his estranged 28-year-old wife and fled.  The City Prosecutor will review the case.

Down the Drain

A Westown Blvd. man’s wallet was taken on the morning of Jan. 12 while he had plumbers in his apartment. Credit cards and $160 cash were taken.

Paypal Scam

A Farrs Garden Path woman’s PayPal account was illicitly used on Jan. 13 to buy a $724 tablet from an NYC retailer; it was shipped to CA. PayPal will reimburse her and conduct its own investigation.

Saved by the Bell

An alarm company reported a drop at a Sequoia Trl. Home on Jan 9 at 6:48PM on Jan. 9. Officers found that someone had tried to get in by breaking the sliding glass door. No entry was gained.

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