Lakewood Hospital Announces Changes


In light of the tremendous changes in healthcare today and in keeping with the City of Lakewood’s goal to become the healthiest city in America, the Lakewood Hospital Association and the Lakewood Hospital Foundation signed a Letter of Intent last week with Cleveland Clinic.

 This plan includes a $120 million investment in Lakewood to transition from the old model to one which will modernize healthcare and deliver a more sustainable way to meet the long-term needs of the Lakewood community.

 Under the proposed plan, which will require approval by Lakewood City Council, a health and wellness campus will be created. As part of this, Cleveland Clinic will construct, own and operate an estimated $34 million, 62,000-square-foot family health, which will include a full-service emergency department, to replace Lakewood Hospital in the future. The safety and quality of care for our patients will drive every decision and will determine the length of time the hospital will remain open.

 What this means:

  • Patients can continue to come to Lakewood Hospital and our emergency department just like they do today.
  • It is the  intent to keep Lakewood Hospital open until our new Avon Hospital opens in September 2016.
  • Lakewood Hospital’s emergency department will also remain open until the new family health center with its own emergency department opens at this site.
  • It is Cleveland Clinic’s goal to provide every Lakewood Hospital employee who wants a job with an opportunity in our health system or one of our partner organizations.

 “Cleveland Clinic remains committed to being the healthcare partner in the City of Lakewood and will continue to provide care today and in the future,” reports Shannan Ritchie, Interim President Lakewood Hospital.

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