Westlake Police: Flying Squirrel Lands in Chimney

Just in from Frostbite Falls (Westlake Police): A flying squirrel got stuck in an Augusta Court home’s fireplace on Feb. 24. His friend Bullwinkle J. Moose was unsuccessful in extricating him, so Animal Control Officer Jim Wang lent the homeowner a trap. Just like many of “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”, Rocky the Flying Squirrel was released from bondage the next day to combat the machinations of Boris Badenov, Natasha Fatale, and Fearless Leader. Now, here’s something we hope you really like:

rocky bullwinkle
Handgun Discharged

A 67-year-old Cedarwood Dr. man was cleaning his .380 handgun when it discharged on Feb. 21 at 2PM. The round travelled through the wall of his unit into a neighboring unit’s closet. No one was hurt, although the man’s wife was home, as were 3 adults next door. The City Prosecutor will review the matter.

Little Squirts Lead to Big Brawl

Two friends were drinking at a Dover Center Rd. bar on Feb. 22 at 12:30am when one squirted the other with window cleaner. The dampened man (38, of Westlake) got mad and followed the squirter (37, of Fairview Park) outside and the two fought. The Westlake man got his nose broken. The Fairview man said he only pretended to squirt the other fellow. Another case for the Prosecutor to review.


A Georgia Dr. man received letters from the MI and OK tax authorities about the returns he had filed with those states. Since he had not in fact filed such documents, he reported the matter to WPD on Feb. 20. He also mentioned that he had Anthem insurance; that company suffered a massive data security breach recently.

Petty Theft

A 42-year-old Cleveland man helped himself to $42 worth of toiletries without paying at a Detroit Rd. store on Feb. 21 at 4:33PM. Staffers detained him and he was arrested for Petty Theft.

Flower Delivery

A 44-year-old Columbia Rd. woman complained that her 40-year-old ex-husband (of Berea) kept driving by her home on Feb. 21 around 4:30PM. He threw a bag containing roses and other items into her driveway, contrary to a protection order that keeps him away from her. He denied any such actions when contacted. The City Prosecutor will consider possible charges.

Missing Pills

32 Oxycodone pills disappeared from a Sperry Dr. company sometime Feb. 20-21 from a shipment sent to a customer. The theft was reported on Feb. 23 and the firm has fired an employee suspected of involvement.

Funny Money

Two males paid for their $49 supper at a Detroit Rd. restaurant with a counterfeit $50 bill on Feb. 27. Staff realized that the currency was bogus and requested payment in genuine legal tender, which the males provided. The bill will be sent to the Secret Service.

A phony check drawn on a Toledo company’s bank account was presented for cashing at a Detroit Rd. bank on Feb. 17. The bank refused to cash it; another branch of the same bank refused to cash another phony check from the same company on Feb. 21.  The victim named a possible suspect; the investigation continues.

False US and Ohio tax returns were filed using the IDs of an Arlington Row couple. They found this out when their true returns were e-filed on Feb. 20.

A CT woman staying at a Sperry Dr. hotel was hoodwinked into giving her credit card number to a caller on Feb. 25 at 3:30AM. The caller claimed that there was a problem with her bill and needed her account info or he would kick her out. She reluctantly gave it, then went to the front desk and found out that the call was not from staff. A $330 charge had been made before she could cancel the account.

On Feb. 11, a Westwood Rd. woman received a cell phone bill for 3 lines from a company she does not even have 1 line with. On Feb. 22, her employer inquired why she cashed her paycheck when she has direct deposit. She found that someone cashed a phony paycheck in her name at a Chicago bank; a second check was declined.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

Volunteers at a Dover Center Rd. church surprised two males trying to enter a shed on Feb. 23 at 9:30PM. Nothing was taken and the suspects fled in an older white 4door car.

A Sagamore Hills woman’s 2012 Subaru station wagon was broken into on Feb. 24 at 5:22PM. She had gone into a Detroit Rd. school; when she came out, the passenger front window was broken and her purse was gone. It contained $70 cash and 3 credit cards.

A Westlake woman dropped her phone in a Detroit Rd. store on Feb. 25 at 3:42PM. CCTV shows another female picking it up; her identity is unknown.

A 22-year-old Elyria kept interfering with medical treatment for his grandfather at St. John Medical Center on Feb. 26 at 12:40AM, despite being told repeatedly by staff to leave. He persisted in that refusal when officers arrived and was arrested for Criminal Trespass.

A Winchester Dr. man was said to have kicked his Chihuahua while on a walk on Feb. 26 at 12:43PM. The male denied doing so and the dog seemed to be fine when checked on by an officer.  The Prosecutor will review the officer’s report.

A 65-year-old homeless man was arrested for Trespass on March 1 at 2:36AM. He was found in a Crocker Rd. hotel by staff; he had been advised to keep out in Dec. 2014.

A Prestwick Crossings man reported false US and Ohio tax returns were filed under his name on March 1.

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