River Police Use Narcan in Westshore Heroin Overdose Call

Rocky River PoliceRocky River Police received a phone call regarding a heroin overdose of a female on March 17 at 2249 hours on Sunnyhill Drive.  Officers responded and Narcan was administered, bringing the female back.  She was transported to the hospital.  Other partygoers were present including underage individuals.  Parents were present in the home as well.  An underage female was arrested for underage consumption of alcohol.  Other charges pending on the other individuals present at the residence.

Breaking and Entering

Officers responded to a residence on Telbir after the neighbor had reported that the residence next door had the back door standing open with a broken lock  on March 19 a 1913hrs on Telbir Road.  The home was in deplorable condition with animal feces and the odor of urine throughout as it was in foreclosure.  The copper plumbing had been stolen from the residence.

IRS Fraud

Two separate residents reported fraudulent tax returns filed with their names last week.

Bike Thefts

A Resident reports the theft of his Raleigh mountain bike from his garage on Rockland.  The bike was later found by the officer and returned to the owner. Another resident reports her Raleigh was stolen from her garage along with her helmet on Riverview.

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