Best of the Blotter: Escaped Prisoner Found in Mom’s Dresser

Man Hides in Mom’s Dresser

Before moving to this week’s Bay Village Police blotter, please consider the strange case Fairview Park Police ran into last week as an escaped prisoner from Fairview Hospital was found hiding in a hollowed-out dresser at his mother’s home in Cleveland. The saga began when a prisoner temporarily released on medical furlough fled from Fairview Hospital rather than return to Fairview Park City Jail on June 4. Fairview Police searched the surrounding area and failed to find the escapee. But later in the day, police received information that the male was at his mother’s residence on Worthington Ave in Cleveland. Officers responded and could not initially locate the male in the house, even though it was reported he had just been there. Officers checked a little closer and located the male hiding inside a dresser which had the interior of the drawers cut off and the rear panel removed.

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On 06/08/2015, at 0900 hrs, Bay Village Police say an Applewood resident reported that her mother’s house had been toilet papered over night, and alcohol had been taken from a garage refrigerator.  Police will give the area special attention.

Blame it on the Cavs  

On 06/12/2015, at 0114 hrs, BVPD officers were dispatched to house on Clague Rd. for a disturbance.  Upon arrival, they located a 21 yoa and a 22yoa male yelling and throwing an old stereo around the driveway.  They were upset because of a Cavaliers loss.  They were sent back in the house.

Knickerbocker Sleepover

On 06/11/2015, at 0750 hrs, the Knickerbocker Apartment staff called BVPD about a male sleeping on the couch in their lobby.  Officers located the 27 yoa male sound asleep.  He stated he had come to the building to visit a friend the night before, but the friend would not allow him to sleep on his couch.  The male was too tired to drive home, so he slept on the couch.  He was strongly advised and sent on his way.

Scam Alert

On 06/09/2015, at 1104 hrs, a resident in the 24000 block of Wolf Rd. called BVPD to report she had received a call from a person claiming to be with the IRS, and if she didn’t pay the IRS money, she would be arrested.  She was advised it was a scam call.  BVPD reminds resident’s to please NOT give out any personal information over the phone on unsolicited phone calls.

Lock Your Stuff

On 06/09/2015, at 1502 hrs, a Walmar resident called BVPD to report her unlocked bicycle was stolen from her driveway overnight.  The victim wanted the incident documented in the event a resident located her bike.

On 06/09/2015, at 1540 hrs, a Fordham Parkway resident called BVPD to report someone had accessed her bank account and made several on line purchases totaling almost $2,000.  Police are investigating.

On 06/09/2015, at 1711 hrs, Bay High School reported 4 musical instruments were stolen from the High School.  A Baritone and three trumpets were unaccounted for.  Police are investigating.

Active Warrant

On 06/11/2015, at 0230 hrs, a 19 yoa Parma resident arrived a BVPD to pick up a friend who had been arrested earlier in the night for underage consumption of alcohol.  A computer check on the male showed that he had an active warrant with Euclid PD.  Euclid PD confirmed the warrant, and the male was transported to Euclid PD.  The male that was charged with underage consumption of alcohol had to make other arrangements for a ride home.



On 06/12/2015, at 1206 hrs, a resident in the 28000 block of Knickerbocker called BVPD to report that someone had fraudulently used his wife’s debit card for a total of almost $400.00.  Police are investigating.


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