Irate Neighbor Holds Worker at Gunpoint in Westlake

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When you don’t like the workmanship of the tradesman laboring next door, pointing a gun at him is a poor way to resolve a matter that doesn’t really concern you, report Westlake Police.

On June 22 at 3:50PM, a 22-year-old Sheffield Lake man reported that an intoxicated male had pointed a handgun at him. The victim was working next door to the suspect’s Walden Dr. home when Michael TESTA called him over to Testa’s residence. TESTA then produced a handgun and ordered the worker into his home.

TESTA held the worker at gunpoint for a short period of time, complaining about the quality of the victim’s work, then let him go. The victim fled and called 911. Officers responded and set a perimeter around TESTA’s house. TESTA was contacted by phone and ordered to come out; he did so and was arrested without further incident.

5 handguns, 6 rifles, and a shotgun were seized from TESTA’s residence. He is currently in the Westlake City jail awaiting his first appearance in the Rocky River Municipal Court (likely by CCTV). Charges include Abduction, Agg. Menacing, and Using Weapons while Intoxicated. His bond was set at $10,000; he posted it at 11:51 am and was released. He had to surrender all his firearms and must stay away from the victim.

The victim was unharmed, although he reports becoming physically ill from fright after being freed.

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