Westlake Schools-City Eye Land Transaction

The Westlake Board of Education is involved in preliminary discussions with the City of Westlake as a part of the school district’s ongoing efforts to streamline operations and become as efficient as possible.

Westlake Schools administrative offices will move into Parkside (formerly Parkside Intermediate School) on Hilliard Boulevard by the end of this calendar year. The city has expressed an interest in the administrative site and will continue to have discussions with the Board of Education.

Additional discussions center on a potential transaction involving the school district’s property on Bradley Road and the city’s property on Center Ridge Road (the old Kmart property) as the main components — enabling both entities to better serve the Westlake community and save taxpayer dollars.

These discussions are preliminary and ongoing. Additional details will be shared with the community when they become available.

Until then, the Board will continue to identify opportunities to save money and be as efficient as possible.Westlake Schools logo



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