SWAT Team Called to Ridgeville Suicide Standoff

A suicide standoff was the reason for a SWAT team call to Island Road in North Ridgeville at a12:50 p.m. in North Ridgeville on July 20.north ridgeveille

North Ridgeville Police received a report that a male had shot himself with a firearm at 9480 Island Road. Responding officers attempted to make contact with the male, but he would not speak and ignored requests to come out of the residence.

Due to reports of several firearms being inside combine with the male’s refusal to exit the premisis, Lorain County SWAT was contacted and arrived at the scene.

Communication was established with the male suspect by SWAT negotiators. The man eventually surrendered and was taken into custody at about 7:35 p.m.

The man was found to have a self-inflicted, non-fatal gunshot wound to the left shoulder from a small caliber round. He was transported to St. John Medical Center.


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