Westlake Man Extorted Over X-Rated YouTube Video

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The aftermath of cybersex via Skype proved unnerving for an Adelaide St. man on July 15, report Westlake Police. After the 5 a.m. session with a female who claimed to be in Morocco, he received electronic messages to pony up $5000 or a video of the session would be posted on YouTube. He did not pay by the 10 a.m. deadline he was given and was advised not to do so at any point. He also flagged the YouTube video.

‘Cat’ Burglar?

A 28-year-old Westlake man was arrested for Burglary, Possession of Criminal Tools, and RSP after entering his neighbor’s home on July 19 at 5:28 a.m.. He claimed to be trying to catch his cat, but had cash and jewelry in his pockets which belonged to the victim. He was wearing surgical gloves and was in stocking feet.

Feuding Neighbors

Westhill Dr. neighbors continued their ongoing feud on July 16 at 7:35PM when a 61-year-old female claimed that a 56-year-old male stood in front of her driveway and put his foot on her bumper, preventing her from pulling in. The male counter-claimed that the woman drove so fast that he lost his balance and put his foot on her bumper to protect himself. Prosecutor to rule.

Booted from Church Dance

A 17-year-old Shaker Hts. boy was forcibly ejected from a dance at a Westwood Rd. church on July 16 at 10:04PM. He became disruptive and was removed by chaperones, who restrained him until officers arrived. He was cited for Disorderly Conduct and is not permitted back at the church.

Catalytic Converters Swiped

Four vehicles parked on Bobby Ln. Westford Cr., and E. Crossings Pkwy. had their catalytic converters cut off during the early morning of July 16. A resident of Bobby Ln. reportedly heard grinding noises around 4AM.

ID Thefts

A Grafton man found that his credit card had been illicitly used after he dined at a Westlake restaurant in June. It was used repeatedly on July 8 to charge up $1000 worth of purchases, which the bank refused to allow. The victim reported the matter on July 13.

A Buckthorn Pl. woman feels that a phony complaint letter submitted under her signature to the OH Dept. of Commerce stems from a homeowner’s association dispute. She became aware of the submission in April, advised the Commerce Dept. that she was not involved, and reported the matter to WPD on July 13.

A Camden Ct. man had a $2500 counterfeit check passed on his account at a FL bank in June. It was deposited by taking a picture of it with a cellphone. He reported the fraud on July 15.

Somebody used a Detroit Rd. woman’s credit card on June 30 to charge $122 worth of items in Avon. She disputed the charges and reported the matter on July 20.

Handgun Discharged

A 40-year-old North Bay Dr. man accidentally fired his 9mm handgun while cleaning it on July 16 at 3:15AM. The round buried itself in the floor, but did not penetrate through to the residence underneath his. He will receive a summons for Discharging a Firearm.


An employee of a Crocker Pk. Bl. store remembered that a male in the store at 7:30PM on July 13 was suspected of shoplifting on June 28. 2 baseball gloves (total value $700) were taken in the earlier incident. When asked if he needed assistance on the latter date, the suspect beat feet out of the store, whereupon the employee copied down his license plate number.

At least $300 worth of meat was taken from a Detroit Rd. grocery store on July 21 at 8:23PM. The heavily tattooed Hispanic male suspect put it into a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo and sped off. A partial license plate was obtained.

5 pair of shoes worth $540 total were purchased from a Detroit Rd. retailer with a bad check on July 8. Attempts were made to return the shoes for cash at two other of the chain’s locations the next day; they were declined. The “buyer” was told to return them to the Westlake location and his check would be returned to him. That never happened; the store owner found out that the account had been closed for a year and reported the theft on July 23.

A Petty Theft of $60 worth of clothing was committed by a VA man on July 21 at 3:35PM. He was detained by the Detroit Rd. store’s security staff and arrested by WPD.


After attending a July 17 concert, an 18-year-old North Olmsted woman and a 21-year-old Westlake man fought at his Woodpath Dr. home. He allegedly punched, elbowed, and dragged her; she responded with punches. Prosecutor to rule.


22 and 23-year-old Westlake men were arrested for DCI near the younger man’s Radcliffe Dr. home on July 19 at 12:39AM. A neighbor heard a loud crash; officers found a 1999 Buick (belongs to a relative of the younger man) with undercarriage damage and the younger man drinking beer next to it. It could not be determined which of the two intoxicated males were driving.

Bad Date

A 32-year-old Westlake man believes that a 28-year-old North Olmsted woman slipped him a mickey while they drank together at a Center Ridge Rd. bar. She picked his drink up and asked to taste it; he refused. Shortly afterwards, he felt ill and was transported by WFD to St. John Medical center. The woman denies dosing his drink. Both of their beverages were collected for chemical analysis.

Property Thefts

A Parma Hts. man accidentally left his $1300 laptop on top of his car in a Main St. garage on July 20 at 5:09PM. Shortly thereafter, a black female brought a similar device into a nearby store and asked what she should do with it. She was directed to the security office nearby, but never turned it in.

A Stonegate Cr. couple saw a male run from their garage carrying a set of golf clubs and related items worth $3000 on July 20 at 6:49PM. The next day, the victim located them at a Strongsville resale shop. The seller was IDed as a 32-year-old Westlake woman; a warrant for RSP has been issued for her.

TPO Violation

A 73-year-old Cleveland man violated a TPO on July 22 at 6:34PM. He followed a 51-year-old Westlake man into a Center Ridge Rd. parking lot and confronted him about a money issue. The suspect at first denied and then confirmed confronting the victim. A warrant for violating a TPO will be sought.

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