West Shore Blues – July/August

Westlake Man Extorted Over X-Rated YouTube Video

The aftermath of cybersex via Skype proved unnerving for an Adelaide St. man on July 15, report Westlake Police. After the 5 a.m. session with a female who claimed to be in Morocco, he received electronic messages to pony up $5000 or a video of the session would be posted on YouTube. He did not pay by the 10 a.m. deadline he was given and was advised not to do so at any point. He also flagged the YouTube video.

‘Cat’ Burglar?

A 28-year-old Westlake man was arrested for Burglary, Possession of Criminal Tools, and RSP after entering his neighbor’s home on July 19 at 5:28 a.m. He claimed to be trying to catch his cat, but had cash and jewelry in his pockets which belonged to the victim. He was wearing surgical gloves and was in stocking feet.

Feuding Neighbors

Westhill Dr. neighbors continued their ongoing feud on July 16 at 7:35PM when a 61-year-old female claimed that a 56-year-old male stood in front of her driveway and put his foot on her bumper, preventing her from pulling in. The male counter-claimed that the woman drove so fast that he lost his balance and put his foot on her bumper to protect himself. Prosecutor to rule.

Hung Out to Dry

A Westlake man who was not happy because his girlfriend didn’t answer the phone fast enough while doing his laundry ended up in jail after threatening the lady with a baseball bat. Westlake Police reports that the 28-year-old Elyria woman fled her abusive boyfriend on the evening of July 28 for fear that he would carry through on his telephone and text threats to beat her and family members with a baseball bat. He had already confronted her earlier at a Detroit Road store by blocking her path with his car and pounding on her vehicle. She was able to drive away. This was all because she did not answer his calls immediately while she was nice enough to do his laundry, report police. An off duty Westake Police officer found her parked on a side street and summoned patrolmen to assist her. The suspect, a 32-year-old Westlake man, kept calling her while she was at the police station, totalling 85 calls in an 8 hour period. He was found at his Cedarwood Dr. home after he texted a picture of a Westlake Police cruiser to her. He was then arrested for Aggravated Menacing and a baseball bat was taken from his car as evidence. His bravado and belligerence toward her collapsed as he was booked into the jail. He started blubbering and stated that he could not believe this was happening. Looks like it was his turn to be hung out to dry.

A Good, Old-Fashioned Crime

Remember the days when crime consisted of kids stealing beer out of a garage? A Rocky River Elmwood Dr. resident reported seeing a young man he did not recognize enter his neighbor’s garage. Police identified and detained a male matching the provided description and the complainant identified him as the person he had seen enter the garage. The juvenile was in possession of two bottles of cold beer believed to have been taken from the garage. He was eventually released to his parents pending further investigation.

Doors Locked, Windows Open

It doesn’t count if your lock your car doors but forget to close the windows. A Bonniebank resident in Rocky River reports his iPod and backup battery was taken from his car between 10:00 PM on July 22 and 7:00 AM July 23.. He said the car was locked, but the windows were left down overnight. At about 4:00 AM that morning, a suspicious male was reported in the area but was unable to be located.

Coffee to Go

Fairview Park Police were contacted by Westgate Kohl’s loss prevention on July 21 that they were chasing a male who had executed a fraudulent return and then stole a Keurig Coffeemaker on his way out of the store. He fled to a car, but the female driver refused to leave when she saw loss prevention approaching. The male then ran off on foot. She provided the male’s name and information she had. Pulling up photos from the law enforcement database, she positively identified the male as the one in the picture. Officers will get video footage of the fraudulent return and the theft and will obtain a warrant for the subject. The coffee maker was recovered and returned to Koh’ls.

Suspicious Person

A Macbeth Ave. resident called police to report that the previous day, a male in an older maroon colored vehicle had stopped and talked to his two children while they were walking the family dog. The male asked to pet the dog and the kids told him no. The mother saw this and came out and the male then got in his vehicle and drove off northbound on W 227 St. The male is described as a white male in his thirties, short hair, eyeglasses and was wearing a tank top and shorts.

Jerky Heist

An off duty Fairview Park officer stopped at Circle K at 20220 Lorain Rd on his way into work. He was approached by an employee who reported a male had just run out of the “Beer Kave” with a 12 pack of beer. The officer searched the area and located the male nearby, apprehending him. The 25 year old male also had a stolen bag of beef jerky concealed on his person. He was identified by the clerk and subsequently arrested. He is charged with Petty Theft and was held for bond.

Senior Exhibit

Police were called to Circle K at 20220 Lorain Rd on July 28 at 10:52 a.m. on a report of a male with no pants on in front of the store. Upon police arrival, the situation was as reported. A 69 year old Cleveland male standing in front of the business, naked from the waist down. The male was arrested for Public Indecency, processed, and released on bond pending his appearance in Rocky River Municipal Court.

Woman Fakes Seizure After Seizing Goods

A white female was taken into custody for petty theft at the Great Northern H&M store after police were called when the store’s security officer saw her select and conceal clothing items in a large handbag. She also was seen switching price tags on items. When approached by the security officer, the woman began performing ‘an obvious fake seizure as she slid onto the floor with her hands handcuffed behind her back.’ Total theft amounted to $92.93. Worth it?

North of the Mason Dixon Line

North Olmsted police were dispatched to the Shell Station at Lorain and Columbia Roads on July 23 after getting a report of a male who had been in the restroom for over an hour. He had left the door to his vehicle open. On the scene, a clerk told officers she thought the man was drunk. The man was found sleeping in the driver’s side of the car. After knocking on the door, Police opened the door and yelled at the man and also shone a flashlight in his face until he woke up. Asked where he was from, the man replied, ‘North.’ Asked what that meant, the man said, ‘North of the Mason-Dixon Line.’ He was arrested for disorderly conduct and carted to jail to sleep it off.