Let My Personal Trainer Help You Achieve a Healthy Tomorrow

MY PERSONAL TRAINER mike face shotBy Mike Noland, Westlake Manager

My Personal Trainer has been serving the Westlake community since March 2014, not to mention the countless people we have helped achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Changing lives with the approach of a healthy lifestyle, is what My Personal Trainer takes very serious, as we are not a revolving door.

My Personal Trainer LogoA few days back, a woman walked in wanting to check out the studio. I showed her around and explained our program, rates, hours, etc. After the tour the first thing this woman commented on was how much she enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. One aspect of My Personal Trainer is that we see all of our clients by appointment only keeping it to 1 to 3 clients in the studio at any given time, making it a private, non-intimidating and more personal atmosphere.

She had joined a commercial gym towards the end of last year, but was never able to stick with it because she had a hard time working out on her own, struggling on how and what to do. You may have worked out on your own and found that after a few weeks or even months, for those a bit more motivated, quit or lost interest. So many factors can contribute to one giving up…. work-out not intense enough, no clue what you’re doing, lack of support outside the fitness realm, lack of time thinking that you need to hit the gym 5, 6 maybe even 7 days a week. What I do know to be true, is that spending hours upon hours in the gym is completely unnecessary! This usually results in overtraining, injuries and/or lack of desired results. All we need is 20 to 30 minutes of your time, twice a week. Our full body, progressive strength training anaerobic (high intensity) work-out is key, and trust me, you won’t want more than that. Developing a safe, efficient and effective strength training program is an essential element of optimal health.

As this woman continued to share her experience, she said that very few people talked to her or even acknowledged her. I explained that our clients do not work out together – each person has their own individual program with one on one accountability. However, most of our clients know each other – their names, what they do for a living, and even their favorite type of music is common. I can also say that I know every client by name and could probably tell you their goal(s) and a little something about them even if I do not work with them personally.

I think this is an often overlooked aspect of a great gym – a personalized community atmosphere. This environment is not easy to create, but we are blessed to have it at My Personal Trainer. Having this camaraderie and accountability from the trainers makes it easier for many people, including the woman I referred to above, to be consistent with their training and workouts. This woman was pleasantly surprised at finding this personal, friendly atmosphere at our studio and she said that is exactly what she is looking for.

So if you like the idea of a fitness community supporting you and providing accountability and friendship, then consider coming to visit those with 40 years of experience in the health, fitness and weight loss industry. Let My Personal Trainer help you achieve a healthy tomorrow. We are always happy to see you and will always make sure to welcome you with a smile!


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