Fox 8’s Dan Coughlin: “I’ve Just Had Brain Surgery and Now I Can Read Your Mind”

Fox 8 Friday Night Touchdown personality Dan Coughlin has declared he can now read minds after having a GoPro camera fitted to his skull while he covers high school football.DSC_1330-4

“Man, this thing is hot. I need to take it off,” he said to a sideline photographer at Avon’s Joe Firment Stadium Friday. “You think you’re taking pictures of me? I’m taking pictures of you!”

“I’ve just had brain surgery and now I can read your mind,” Dan went on to exclaim as he covered Avon’s whupping of Avon Lake, 31-7. But he had no explanation as to why, despite his telepathic abilities, he still had to use his phone to get the score of the St. Ignatius game.

The Coughlin Cam is a feature of the popular Fox 8 Friday night football show that airs at 11 p.m. Dan shares the set with Tony Rizzo and John Telich.

“As long as you’re growing things on your head, why don’t you grow a beard,” joked one of his video subjects on the sidelines of the Avon game.

“One lady asked me if I was wearing this thing to hide my scars,” said Dan. “Hey, can somebody tell me how to turn this thing on?”

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