Westlake Police: Lots of Thefts Reported

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Lots of thefts reported in Westlake this week, with a dash of relationship-challenged conflicts included, on the Westlake Police Blotter for Oct. 1-8.

A Downing St. woman found that a cell phone account had been fraudulently opened using her identity when the bill arrived. She reported the matter on Sept. 24; the account was closed by the provider.

A 43-year-old Lakewood woman took $45 worth of merchandise from a Detroit Rd. store on Sept. 24 and left without paying. She was stopped by store security and subsequently arrested for Petty Theft.

A Detroit Rd. woman reported that she moved from one Westlake apartment complex to another on June 30. During the move, a bag containing jewelry worth at least $4000 disappeared. After stewing about the matter, she reported it on Sept. 25.

A $700 phone went missing from a Fredericksburg woman’s pants pocket on Sept. 26. She suspects that an unknown female took it when the two bumped into each other at a First St. business.

Two males entered a Clemens Rd. gas station at 12:46AM on Sept. 29. One helped himself to a soft drink and pastry while the other asked the clerk a lot of questions about the lottery. They both left without paying; the clerk got the license number from their vehicle; the investigation continues.

A TV, jar of coins, briefcase, and jewelry were taken from a Framingham Dr. home at 1:10AM on 9-30-15 by a 30-year-old female acquaintance of the homeowner. The suspect entered through the unlocked front door and told a juvenile resident that she was expected; the juvenile tried to contact his mother, but did not succeed. A warrant for Burglary has been obtained for the suspect.

Two unlocked vehicles parked in a Rose Rd. driveway had $20 cash and a $100 GPS taken on the night of Sept. 30.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

Facebook and photo-taking were the methods used by a former boyfriend and his mother to possibly violate the terms of a TPO that a 38-year-old Remington Dr. woman has. Mom takes snapshots of the woman’s balcony while son posts comments and “likes” on her Facebook page. Prosecutor to rule on this Sept. 25 report.

A street sign and fire hydrant at the intersection of Walter Rd. and Stonehedge Dr. were spray-painted on the night of Sept. 24.

Mother (59-years-old) and daughter (30yoa) squabbled at their Caroline Cr. home on Sept. 26 at 7:13PM. Both had been drinking; mom admitted throwing a book and water at her daughter and was arrested for DV. Daughter was driven to WPD to sign paperwork, but instead wandered off on to Dover Center Rd. and was arrested for DCI. Both are also being evicted from the residence, for which mom blames daughter.

A 31-year-old NY man menaced a 25-year-old PA man at their American Blvd. jobsite with a folding knife on Sept. 28. The NYer was arrested for Fel. Assault. No one was injured.

A dog walker found an intoxicated 52-year-old Westlake man on the ground on Stonegate Cr. at 10:33PM on Sept. 30. The male had fallen and cut his head. He was cited for DCI and taken to St. John Medical Center by WFD.

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