Westlake Thief Leaves Car on Milk Crates

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WESTLAKE POLICE 112408-3Imagine the surprise of an East Crossings Parkway resident in Westlake when he went outside to his car and discovered that all four stock rims and tires had been taken from his 2015 Honda Civic on the night of Oct. 14. The car was left on milk crates.

Somnolent Driver Hits the Gas Pedal!

Passing out at the wheel on Clague Rd. did not turn out well for a 26-year-old Westlake man on Oct. 11 at 3:10AM. When officers tried to rouse him, he hit the gas and bumped one of the cruisers. After a few seconds of spinning tires (with the attendant smoke and noise), one officer broke a window with his baton and shut off the vehicle. The driver was charged with OVI and BAC (.175 breath test).

Gas & Go

A 32-year-old Cleveland man couldn’t pay for $50 worth of gas which he had pumped at a Center Ridge Rd. gas station, so he drove off on Oct. 11 at 1:53AM. He was stopped on Detroit Rd. and gave false identity information. The plates on his truck belonged on another vehicle, and he had 5 active warrants from other departments. He faces DUS, Fict. Plates, MisID, and Petty Theft charges.

WESTLAKE POLICE 112223-1Stolen Explorer Recovered

A 2002 Ford Explorer stolen from Lorain was recovered on Oct. 12 at 7:54AM. It was parked in a Crocker Rd. gas station. 3 Lorain juveniles (17yoa boy, 16yoa girl, 17yoa girl) and an 18yoa Lorain man were arrested for RSP. The adult claimed to have bought it from two friends for $700, but could not produce a title.

Domestic Altercations

A 59-year-old woman and her 30-year-old daughter were both arrested on Oct. 10 after the latest in a series of confrontations between them at their Caroline Cr. home. The intoxicated daughter was arrested for DCI; mom took a pinch for Violating a TPO. The younger woman was seen putting her fingers down her throat in order to induce vomiting in her cell. Mom was found hiding in a closet. They were evicted on Oct. 16 from this residence.

The Smith Ave. couple was at it again on Oct. 13 at 11:23AM. After the male was released from jail, he bought a beer and went home. The couple fought again; the woman was taken to Fairview Gen. Hospital as a precaution. A DV warrant for her arrest has been issued.

A 34-year-old Smith Ave. man was arrested for DCI after an altercation with a 35-year-old Westlake woman who is carrying his child. They argued over his drinking and use of a phone on Oct. 13 at 12:58AM. The City Prosecutor will review the report as to possible DV charges against either, neither, or both.

A 51-year-old Westlake man disobeyed the conditions of a protection order on Oct. 12 at a Viking Pkwy. business. Hs is to stay at least 500 feet away from his wife, who was also at the business. He was arrested for Violating a TPO.

An intoxicated 40-year-old Center Ridge Rd. man was arrested for Violating a TPO after a disturbance on Oct. 14 at 12:56AM. A phone was thrown, CDs were knocked down, and the protected party did not want him arrested.


The front door of a Hummingbird Cr. home was forced on Oct. 9 at 10:11PM. The homeowner heard the noise and found his door damaged. No one was seen.

Also on Oct. 9, the front storm door of a Hummingbird Cr. home was damaged in an apparent burglary attempt. No entry was gained into the home.

A Waters Edge home was forcibly entered through the front door on Oct. 11. Nothing was taken.

Lies, Thefts & Deceit

An Avon Lake man’s lock was cut off his locker between 7:30A-8:30A on Oct. 12 at LA Fitness. His keys and shaving kit were stolen.

A woman tried to pass a phony $50 bill at a Detroit rd. store on Oct. 12 around 5PM. The clerk refused to take it and the suspect left.

A pick (used to break up pavement) was stolen from a jobsite on Fall River Dr. on the night of Oct. 12. It is valued at $2500.

A cellphone belonging to a Cleveland company was stolen from a Main St. location on Oct. 13 around 7:10PM. A group of teenagers that were hanging around where the phone was kept are suspected. It was tracked to an intersection in Lakewood, then it was turned off.

An $8.63 bottle of vodka proved too tempting for a 17-year-old Bay Village boy on Oct. 14. He walked out of a Detroit Rd. store without paying for it. An employee got it back outside. The suspect was arrested for Petty Theft.

A $150 GPS and charger were taken from an unlocked 1996 Honda Civic on the night of Oct. 14 while it was parked in at a Brewster Dr. home.

$632 worth of clothing was stolen from a Crocker Park Blvd. store on Oct. 15 at 8:05PM. It was recovered and a 24-year-old Cleveland man was arrested for Petty Theft.

A 45-year-old Avon Lake man was arrested for Petty Theft after taking $53 worth of property from a Detroit Rd. store. An employee stopped him outside the store and detained him for WPD.

A Westwood Rd. man reported someone tried to wire $100 to a company that he does not do business with on Oct. 16. He is unsure how it was done, as the credit card account used does not match any of his.

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