Westlake Senior Loses $4900 to Scammers

The need to keep senior citizens and other vulnerable residents safe from telephone scammers remains important in our communities.Westlake Police_RGB-Wide

Westlake Police report that an 80-year-old Brick Mill run woman has lost $4900 to scammers recently. The calls originated from Jamaica and the victim was told that she had won a sweepstakes and had to send cash via the US mail. She did so multiple times until a relative found out on Oct. 17.

Credit Card Surprise

$8200 worth of charges were run up on a credit card account falsely obtained in a Bobby Ln. woman’s name back in Oct. 2011. She knew nothing about this it until her wages were garnished on Oct. 19.

Rocking the Restroom

An 18-year-old Westlake man and a 16-year-old Parma Hts. girl seeking privacy were found together in a women’s restroom stall at Roman Park on Oct. 16. Both were in a state of dishabille and were cited for Disorderly Conduct (not intox). The girl was released to her mother, who had dropped her off at the male’s home earlier.

Prowler Nabbed

A 34-year-old Cleveland man was spotted pulling door handles on cars at a Sperry Dr. business at 10:05PM on Oct. 20. Officers found him nearby and arrested him for Trespass. Tools in his vehicle and messages on his cell phone suggest he was prowling to steal rims off of the vehicles.


A 16-year-old Amherst girl tried to steal a $172.00 pair of boots from a Detroit Rd. store on Oct. 16. She was stopped by store security and faces Petty Theft, Trespass, Possession of Criminal Tools, and Possession of Tobacco charges. The latter two stem from pliers, scissors, and a cigar she had on her.

A suspect stole a shopping cart full of items from a Detroit Rd. store on Oct. 18 at 9:23PM. An employee got the license plate from the car he got into. The investigation continues.

Someone used a Devonshire Ov. woman’s credit card to charge to make a $684 Internet purchase in September. She reported the theft on Oct. 19.

Car Trouble

A 2015 Chevrolet Malibu stolen from Lakewood was dumped on Meadow Ln. at 3:36AM on Oct. 18. OnStar tracked it to that location, where WPD officers found it with the keys inside. Lakewood PD impounded it.

A new Audi Q7 was keyed all along the passenger side on Oct. 19. It belongs to a Parsons Pond woman; the damage could have occurred at any one of several Westlake locations.


A 48-year-old Lakewood man punched and bit his intoxicated 46-year-old on-off live-in girlfriend on Oct. 17 in a Detroit Rd. parking lot. The suspect has 2 prior DV convictions, making this latest offense a felony. A warrant has been issued for him.

Possible Menacing

A 33-year-old Westlake man was threatened at his Crocker Pk. Blvd workplace by a 23-year-old Cleveland man (boyfriend of a female store employee). The suspect and female employee left after he knocked over a rack of clothes. The female also quit at that time. The City Prosecutor will consider a Menacing charge.


A 16-year-old runaway from Elyria was found sitting in a vehicle at a Clemens Rd. business on Oct. 21 at 10:40AM. The boy was turned over to his mom. The vehicle’s owner (38-year-old Elyria woman, whom the runaway had been staying with) was arrested for Interference with Custody and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

Unwanted Guest

A Jefferson Way man returned home from a business trip on Oct. 21 to find that a window had been forced open. A bottle of champagne had been consumed and the TV left on.   


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