WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Reefer Madness in Fairview Park

Fairview Park Police were sent to North Park Drive on a report of a male acting strange – talking to himself, yelling and throwing his jacket on the ground on Oct. 25. The first officer on scene approached the male and recognized him from past dealings. He could smell marijuana from the subject’s person and observed a marijuana pipe in his pocket. The 24 year-old Fairview male appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Other officers arrived and the male was placed under arrest. After the handcuffs were put on, he went berserk, trying to run away, fight with officers, kick at them and eventually had to be taken to the ground. He threatened to kill the officers several times. He was eventually calmed, placed in a cruiser and taken to the station. A search of his person yielded marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a substance suspected of being hash oil. The male was held for court on Disorderly Conduct, Assault of Police Officer and Drug Law violations. One of the officers was treated for a minor injury by the fire department.

Westlake Senior Loses $4900 to Scammers

The need to keep senior citizens and other vulnerable residents safe from telephone scammers remains important in our communities. Westlake Police report that an 80-year-old Brick Mill run woman has lost $4900 to scammers recently. The calls originated from Jamaica and the victim was told that she had won a sweepstakes and had to send cash via the US mail. She did so multiple times until a relative found out on Oct. 17.

Westlake Thief Leaves Car on Milk Crates

WESTLAKE POLICE 112408-3Imagine the surprise of an East Crossings Parkway resident in Westlake when he went outside to his car and discovered that all four stock rims and tires had been taken from his 2015 Honda Civic on the night of Oct. 14. The car was left on milk crates.

Gas & Go

A 32-year-old Cleveland man couldn’t pay for $50 worth of gas which he had pumped at a Center Ridge Rd. gas station, so he drove off on Oct. 11 at 1:53AM. He was stopped on Detroit Rd. and gave false identity information. The plates on his truck belonged on another vehicle, and he had 5 active warrants from other departments. He faces DUS, Fict. Plates, MisID, and Petty Theft charges.

Somnolent Driver Hits the Gas Pedal!

Passing out at the wheel on Clague Rd. did not turn out well for a 26-year-old Westlake man on Oct. 11 at 3:10AM. When officers tried to rouse him, he hit the gas and bumped one of the cruisers. After a few seconds of spinning tires (with the attendant smoke and noise), one officer broke a window with his baton and shut off the vehicle. The driver was charged with OVI and BAC (.175 breath test).

Credit Card Surprise

Westlake Police report $8200 worth of charges were run up on a credit card account falsely obtained in a Bobby Ln. woman’s name back in Oct. 2011. She knew nothing about this it until her wages were garnished on Oct. 19.

Rocking the Restroom

An 18-year-old Westlake man and a 16-year-old Parma Hts. girl seeking privacy were found together in a women’s restroom stall at Roman Park on Oct. 16. Both were in a state of dishabille and were cited for Disorderly Conduct (not intox). The girl was released to her mother, who had dropped her off at the male’s home earlier.

Prowler Nabbed

A 34-year-old Cleveland man was spotted pulling door handles on cars at a Sperry Dr. business at 10:05PM on Oct. 20. Officers found him nearby and arrested him for Trespass. Tools in his vehicle and messages on his cell phone suggest he was prowling to steal rims off of the vehicles.

Car Trouble

A 2015 Chevrolet Malibu stolen from Lakewood was dumped on Meadow Ln. at 3:36AM on Oct. 18. OnStar tracked it to that location, where WPD officers found it with the keys inside. Lakewood PD impounded it.

Callers Alert Police to Drunk Drivers

On 10/19/2015, at 1852 hrs, a Bay Village Police Officer stopped a vehicle on Bayfair at Wolf Rd. Westlake Police had a motorist in their city who called in and reported the vehicle had been operating recklessly. After speaking to the driver, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the 53 yoa male driver was arrested for OVI. The Avon Lake resident will face charges at RRMC.

On 10/25/2015, at 0303 hrs, a motorist called in a possible intoxicated driver that was traveling westbound on Lake Rd. in the area of Huntmere. Officers stopped the vehicle on Lake Rd. near Eagle Cliff. After speaking with the 24 yoa male driver, officers suspected the driver had been drinking. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result the driver was arrested for OVI. The Avon Lake resident will face charges at RRMC.

Bay High Break-In

A Bay High School employee reported someone had done some damage to the High School on 10/25/2015, at 0903 hrs. Investigating officers discovered that someone had gained access to the roof, and entered the school through a hatch. Police are investigating.

How to Stay Safe

The Avon Police Department is reminding residents to secure their vehicles and homes at night.

Several area communities have had an increase in stolen vehicles and night time residential burglaries. Avon has also seen cars broken into in the evening.

  1. Lock your doors
  2. Keep your car tidy: When a thief looks into your car and sees clutter, he or she may presume there must be something good among the mess.
  3. Park wisely: Parking conspicuously can go a long way, as thieves are looking to avoid attention. In parking lots, try sticking to heavy traffic areas where lots of eyes will be passing by your car. If you’ve got a garage, park inside for an added layer of protection.
  4. Remove valuables: Items of value are exactly what thieves are looking for, so keeping them out of sight or, better yet, out of your car is a great way to avoid losing them. GPS units, phones, sunglasses and shopping bags can be prime targets.
  5. Use an alarm system: Some call car alarms are ineffective, as we’re so used to hearing them that we don’t pay attention. Most car burglars won’t take the chance that an alarm will go ignored. Even if no one notices the alarm, your possessions will be safe if it scares the thief away.
  6. Remove Garage Remote. If you park your car in your driveway at night and leave a remote control to the garage door in the vehicle you are providing a burglar an easy way into your home.
  7. Close your garage door at night. Leaving your garage door open allows burglars direct access to your home.
  8. Do not leave keys in vehicle. Leaving your keys in your vehicle greatly increases the likelihood of theft. This includes starting your car to warm it up in the morning as winter approaches.

Chiefs Oppose Issue 3

The Lorain County Chief’s Association has joined the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association and the Fraternal Order of Police in opposing State Issue 3 legalizing marijuana. “If Issue 3 passes, you and your loved ones will have a greater chance of being victimized by an impaired driver,” states the Association. “The fact is, in states where marijuana has been legalized there has been a significant increase in the number of marijuana influenced traffic incidents and fatalities.”

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