Bald Eagle Cam: Live from Avon Lake Redwood Elementary

Eagle Cam Screenshot2The public now has the opportunity to view the Redwood Elementary School Eagles live thanks to the installation of a camera offering a live feed on YouTube.

Click on the link below to watch the Eagles live 24/7 (live now)

Two Bald Eagles were first spotted at the school in November 2014. It was later learned the Eagles had built a nest and were possibly going to lay eggs. In March the school held a “naming contest” for the students and the Eagles were given the names, “Stars and Stripes.”

In April, two Eaglets were born and named “Hope and Pride.”

“The names were chosen because we ‘hope’ that they will come back to nest, and we have great ‘pride’ that the Eagles chose Redwood Elementary School to build their nest,” said T.J. Ebert, Redwood Elementary School principal. “The babies have left the nest, but the mother and father return. They could lay eggs here for the next 15-20 years. We are hopeful that will happen. Eagles mate for life.”

According to Ebert, the Eagles are most active in the morning. They often leave during the day and then return to the nest in the evening.

“They continue to add to the nest,” he said. “They also like to go out near the lake and catch fish.”

The school has also incorporated the Eagles into various classroom lessons and art projects.

Redwood Elementary School would like to thank the following businesses/individuals for their contribution to the camera project:

  • Avon Lake Technology Department – Scott Wuench and Dan DeRoma – technology set-up and broadcast through You Tube
  • Lescher Tree Care & Land Clearing Inc. – Volunteered time, equipment, and workers to place the camera in the tree
  • Gary Gerrone – Avon Lake Recreation Director – input on placement and signage
  • Lou Gaeta – Eagle Expert – Input on Placement and advice throughout the Eagles time at Redwood
  • Ron Jantz – Documentation of the event and Redwood Eagles
  • Avon Lake City Schools Schools – Purchase of camera
  • Bruce Kauffman and Tom Barone – Resources and equipment

***DATE CHANGE*** A documentary presentation open to the public regarding the Eagles was slated to take place Nov. 16 (had been promoted during Homecoming parade).

The event has been moved to Feb. 4. Details to follow.

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