Westlake Police Pinch Heroin-Carrying Cop Impostor

Westlake Police made an unusual arrest on Monday when they stopped a police impostor on Center Ridge Road and discovered the driver was carrying heroin.Westlake Police_RGB-Wide

On Nov. 9 at 12:02 p.m., Westlake Police officers in an unmarked vehicle noticed an unusual white Chevrolet Trailblazer on Center Ridge Road, report Police. The operator (Stephen SALEM, 47, of Westlake) had a Westlake Police  shoulder patch and a police placard displayed in the windshield and was noted to be speaking into a radio microphone.

As the vehicle and SALEM were unknown to the officers, SALEM was stopped and tried to hide the placard, which turned out to be a folded polo shirt with the word “police” on the back.

His vehicle was equipped with white strobes in the front and rear. Inside was a CB radio, handcuffs, and handheld police scanner. The Westlake Police shoulder patch was found to be a paper copy. SALEM stated that he pretended to be a police officer to slow traffic down and that he was stupid for doing so.

More stupid. say police, was the heroin he had in his sock, along with drug injection “works” (hypos, spoon, torch) that were found on the floor of his would-be prowl car.  SALEM was arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer, Poss. of Drugs, and Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments. He is out on bond awaiting action on his case by the Grand Jury.

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