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POLICE_North Ridgeville_RGBMan Calls 9-1-1, Says He Shot Wife

A North Ridgeville man told a police dispatcher that he shot his wife Friday night after she pointed a knife at him.

The North Ridgeville Police Department have released a recording of Ronald Svec calling 911 at 6:45 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6.

Gloria Svec, right, with her brother, Jim Mallos. (Summitted by North Ridgeville Police)

Gloria Svec, right, with her brother, Jim Mallos. (Summitted by North Ridgeville Police)

The 911 call released by North Ridgeville Police starts at 18:45.54 hours. “I just shot shot my wife. She was pointing a knife at me and I shot her,” says the caller. “And I’ve got a child here. Please call an ambulance here. Hurry.”

Dispatcher: “OK, I’m going to stay on the line with you. Do you still have the gun?”

Caller: “Yes. I put it down. I put it down…. I’ve got this baby here, too (crying heard in background). “Here, stay here in this chair,” says the man to child.

The call fades to busy signal.

Dispatcher. “Sir? Sir? Sir? He hung up.”

On the Jaycox Road scene, police and fire squads reportedly found Gloria Svec unconscious with multiple gunshot wounds. She was transported to St. John Medical Center and died. Ronald Svec, 74, was taken into custody.

Fairview Police: Multi-Agency Gang Sweep Arrests 50

Fairview Park PD participated in a multi-agency arrest sweep on Nov. 5, along with 21 other agencies, targeting subjects involved in crimes throughout the county, including car break-ins, car thefts and burglaries in Fairview Park. Over 50 individuals, both adult and juvenile, were targeted and many of them were connected to a recent rash of crimes in Fairview Park.

POLICE_Bay Village_RGBBay Woman is Tax Fraud Victim

On Oct. 28 at 1830 hours a Juneway resident reported to Bay Village Police that she had been the victim of a fraud. She had received a call from a male advising her that she was delinquent in her taxes, and she needed to pay right away or she would be arrested. The resident complied, and paid with $1,400 in pay pal cards that she went out and purchased. She later realized she had been scammed. Bay Village Police remind residents to be very cautious of phone calls of this nature, and if you have any questions about the legitimacy of a call to contact BVPD or the agency that is requesting money. This is not how the Government or businesses collect their debt.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Missing Patient Report Leads to Marijuana Bust

Metro Hospital contacted Bay Village Police on Oct. 29 at 1604 hours to report they had a patient walk away from their facility prior to being released, and that the patient needed to remain in the hospital. They requested that BVPD check for the 19 yoa male at his last known address in the 400 block of Columbia. While officers were checking to see if the male was at the house (he was not), they discovered several juveniles smoking marijuana in the backyard. As a result, 3 juveniles were charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. They will face charges at CCJC.

Disturbing the Peace

On 10/28/2015, at 1946 hrs, an East Oakland resident called BVPD to report a male was driving his vehicle down the street and revving the engine loudly. Officers located the vehicle and cited the 18 yoa driver for disturbing the peace. He will face charges at RRMC.

Lock Your Cars

On 10/27/2015, at 0730 hrs, an Elmwood resident reported that several items were stolen from her vehicle overnight. There were also a total of 3 vehicles entered that were parked in the 26000 block of Bruce, on East Ovaitt, and on Canterbury. BVPD is investigating, and reminds residents to please lock your vehicle’s and take any valuables inside.

Domestic Violence in Bay

On Nov. 6, 2015 at 9:40am, Bay Police were dispatched to the 26000 block of Normandy Road on report of a 20 year old male involved in a domestic violence situation with his family. Officers arrived and learned that the adult male son got into a physical confrontation with his father. While investigating the incident, Officers learned that the suspect male had two outstanding warrants with the BVPD. The male was arrested for the outstanding warrants and charges are pending for the domestic incident.

Suspected Warrants

On Nov. 8, 2015 at 3:32pm, a Bay Village Officer stopped a male on Wolf Road at Bayfair, who was suspected of having active warrants with the BVPD. While awaiting validation of the warrants, the officer noticed the strong smell of marijuana coming from the individual. The suspect male, a 20 year old Bay Village resident, was searched and officers found marijuana and a digital scale on his person. It was discovered the male did not have any active warrants. He was cited for the marijuana and released. He is facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court.

Public Arguement

On Nov. 8, 2015 at 10:36pm, an East Oakland resident called Bay Village Police to report a dispute between a male and a female going on in the front yard of a home across the street. Officers arrived and spoke with the individuals involved. The male suspect, a 26 year old Lorain resident, was found to be under the influence and was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct –Intoxication. He was transported to the BVPD jail and was later picked up by a family member. He is facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court.

POLICE_Westlake_RGBWestlake Police: Watch Your Lawnmower

A Westlake homeowner found out this month that not even his lawnmower was safe from a quick-acting thief.

A Washington Way man left his mower on the tree lawn while he took a break on Nov. 3. When he came back, it was gone. It was found at a North Olmsted recycling center, but it had been rendered unusable. The male who sold it was IDed; the investigation continues.

So, as a public service, please secure your possessions and don’t take your security for granted.

Nanny Theft?

A 28-year-old Norwegian woman quit her 4 year job as a nanny for a Hilliard Ct. family on Oct. 30 and moved out. She is suspected of selling some clothes belonging to the female head of the household to a resale shop.

Cabbie Stiffed

An intoxicated Elyria man stiffed a cabbie for a $25 fare from a Lakewood watering hole to a Crocker Rd. hotel on Nov. 1 at 2:53AM. He must fancy himself quite the desperado, perhaps taking a cue from the name of the Bonnie and Clyde’s bar where he was picked up. Looking quite dashing in his black leather pants, he dashed from the cab into some woods and was arrested for DCI and Defrauding a Livery.

More Thefts!

An Avon woman’s purse was taken off the bar at a Center Ridge Rd. saloon on the night of Oct. 31. It contained credit cards (which were not illicitly used), cash, and misc. items.

$100 was stolen from a Westlake girl’s duffle bag at the Rec. Center on Nov. 1. A 17-year-old Westlake boy was arrested for the theft.

A wallet was taken from an open garage on Hunters Point Ln. on the night of Nov. 1. A credit card from the wallet was used that night in Cleveland to buy $59.00 worth of merchandise.

Smokin’ Tires

Clouds of smoke and an acrid odor in the Annie Ln. area brought calls to Westlake PD and FD on Nov. 3 at 6:40PM. After an hour of searching, the source was found to be a 43-year-old Westwood Rd. man who was repeatedly peeling his tires in his garage. He will receive a summons for Inducing Panic.

Weird OVI Story

An impaired 41-year-old Westlake woman crashed her 2015 GMC Terrain into the monument sign for her Crossings Pkwy. apartment complex on Nov. 3 at 9:24PM. She refused a breath test and was charged with OVI and Failure to Control. An impaired 29-year-old man from the same complex was pointed out by bystanders as having driven to the crash location (to gawk?) and was arrested for Physical Control.

POLICE_North Olmsted_RGBNorth Olmsted Ebay Fraud

North Olmsted Police were dispatched to a city apartment complex on Nov. 7 to take a fraud report. The victim had purchased a 13” MacBook Pro on Ebay for $1,241.33 through PayPal for the item. The victim later received a USPS tracking number. When the victim received the envelope, it was evident that a 13” laptop computer would have never fit in same. Upon opening the package, he found was another USPS Priority Mail envelope. The victim attempted numerous times to contact the seller with no results. He then contacted Ebay. Ebay requested he file a policereport with his local department so it could be verified his claim with Ebay to be true.

Shoplifter Nabbed

Police were called by Kohl’s loss prevention stating they were in foot pursuit of a shoplifter on Nov. 5. Officers responded and apprehended a 34 year old male in the Lutheran West football field. The male had stolen 3 items of men’s clothing, which was recovered. He was arrested, processed and turned over to Hudson Police, who had a warrant for him. The male was also wanted by Parma and Streetsboro Police. He will appear in Rocky River Municipal Court on Petty Theft charges from Fairview Park’s case.

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