Historic Cleveland Factory Carts Now Offered at The Second Look

Suzy Nagele Bodager

Suzy Nagele Bodager

Want a totally unique interior decor item for your home? Then roll an authentic Cleveland Factory Cart into your design concept from The Second Look in Westlake.

Historic Cleveland Factory Carts are the find of the year for those looking for a totally unique addition to their interior design.

Exclusively offered by The Second Look in Westlake’s Williamsburg Square, these carts are gently refurbished by interior designer Suzy Nagele Bodager. “These are pieces of Cleveland history,” says Suzy, who located the carts in an old west side architectural millwork shop.

“These carts originated at a third-generation Cleveland manufacturing facility,” she said. “This is a concept that I have always wanted to implement, so when I was able to get my hands on carts local to Cleveland, I realized that we had true artifacts of the region that fit perfectly with the current pro-Cleveland movement.”

Authentic Cleveland Factory Cart

Authentic Cleveland Factory Cart

The carts are antique, some with dates on them as far back as 1914. They are similar to products to be found in big box furniture stores. “But those are replicas. These are the real deal,” said Suzy. “These are true Cleveland artifacts brought back to life with gentle refurbishing and refinishing that enhances that original patina and glow of the pieces.

“These are straight off the factory floor,” she said. And they won’t stay long on The Second Look showroom floor. Stop down today. There are just a limited number of carts available.

Unique handpainted signs.

Unique handpainted signs.

Unique Handpainted Signs

Suzy Nagele Bodager is a degreed Interior Designer who specializes in creating unique pieces. “Custom items that truly mean something to you,” she says.

She grew up vacationing in the Florida Keys and the quaint city signs noted for the region captivated her imagination. “I made them for my sisters wedding. One for each guest’s location,” she says (see photo).

She thought a similar concept would be great for homes. So she is offering customized, affordable signs that can be hung in home or office.

“I thought they would make a great idea for home decor, pointing the way to a relative’s town.”

Great gifts for Christmas or as a special way to commemorate loved ones in your own home, check out Suzy’s signs as well as her Factory Carts at The Second Look at 25923 Detroit Road (Williamsburg Square) in Westlake. Phone (440) 835-1975.

“You can find many great gifts for Christmas including Suzy’s creations at the Second Look at 25923 Detroit Rd., (Williamsburg Square) Westlake, Ohio or by way of either website: thesecondlook.net or Suzy’s specific site: fin-nagele.com.”

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