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No Dinner for Deer…

POLICE_Bay Village_RGBBay Neighbors Feud Over Feed

Bay Police were dispatched to a Narragansett Lane address on report of a neighbor dispute the afternoon of Nov. 14. Officers arrived and found that one neighbor was verbally accosting another over the issue of feeding deer. Both parties were advised to stay away from each other and call police if they are having issues. Both were advised on the law against feeding deer. Thanksgiving is not a deer holiday. They are on their own.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Two Drivers, No licenses

On 11/20/2015, at 0347 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Juneway near Osborn for a traffic violation. After a check on the driver, it was discovered that she had a suspended driver’s license and two active warrants. The 31 yoa Cleveland resident was arrested and transported back to BVPD. Once on station she called a friend to bring her bond money. When the 30 yoa male (Parma resident) arrived on station to bond her out, it was discovered he also had a suspended driver’s license. He was cited for the violation because he was seen driving into the parking lot by an officer. Both will face charges at RRMC for Driving Under Suspension. The female was turned over to Cleveland PD on the strength of the warrant.

Credit Card Fraud

On 11/12/2015, at 1629 hrs, resident in the 27000 block of Lincoln reported that he was the victim of credit card fraud. An unknown person attempted to open an account using his social security number. Police are investigating.

On 11/12/2015, at 1349 hrs, Narragansett Lane resident called to report her credit card company contacted her, and advised her that someone had attempted to change the billing address on her card. Police are investigating.

Westlake Police: Bed Bath & Beyond Targeted in Theft Spree

POLICE_Westlake_RGB2 vacuum cleaners worth a total of $1400 were taken from the Bed Bath and Beyond store on Nov. 5. A male suspect carried them out of the store while a female held the door open for him. The duo are also believed to be involved in similar thefts in North Olmsted and Perkins Township at the end of October.

Thieves struck the Bed Bath and Beyond store again on the evening of Nov. 8. An employee recovered 1 of 2 vacuums ($700 each) the suspects tried to steal and was hit by their car. The employee drove herself to the hospital for treatment of a leg injury. At least one of the suspects is suspected of involvement in the Nov. 5 theft.

Cell Phone Blues

A $600 cell phone belonging to an employee of a Detroit Rd. gas station was stolen on Nov. 5 around 7:30PM. She forgot it in the women’s restroom and suspects that two customers may have taken it.

Expensive Forgetfulness

A Westlake woman forget her purse at a Center Ridge Rd. bar on the evening of Nov. 7. It was found in Brooklyn the next day sans her license and credit cards. No illicit purchases were made with the cards.

A Cleveland man forgot his wallet at a Crocker Rd. gas station on the morning of Nov. 9. CCTV showed another patron take it off the counter. The wallet contained $20 cash, the victim’s license, and misc. papers.

Funds Drained

A Sperry’s Forge Trl. man was alerted by his bank that his account was being steadily drained of funds on Nov. 7. An unknown suspect in St. Louis, MO made seven withdrawals that day totaling over $11,000; he fled when confronted by bank personnel.


A 2002 GMC truck and attached utility trailer were stolen from a Sperry Dr. business on Nov. 7. CCTV from next door showed the theft occurred at 10:30PM. They were recovered in Cleveland the next morning. The truck’s door and ignition were damaged, as were the trailer’s doors. It is unknown what equipment had been inside the trailer.

A 24-year-old Cleveland man stole $390 worth of merchandise from a Detroit Rd. store on Nov. 10 at 1:50PM. An employee and a righteous bystander chased him on foot and held him for WPD. The bystander left before he could be IDed and thanked for his help. The suspect also had $139 worth of property taken from a Vine St. store and a probation violation warrant.

A contractor working at a Detroit Rd. store reported the theft of building materials worth $60 on Nov.12. An employee of a temp. labor agency (49-year-old Cleveland man) was identified as the suspect and a warrant for Petty Theft will be obtained.

Cash Rich, Judgement Poor

A 29-year-old Elyria woman with $2700 cash in her pocket stole $188 worth of items from Giant Eagle on Nov. 11 at 3:46PM. She claimed those items had been purchased at another store, but could not produce a receipt. She was arrested for Petty Theft.

Protection Order

A Canterbury Rd. woman got a protection order against her 22-year-old brother on Nov. 9. He promptly violated it twice the next day. He was arrested at the sister’s house after the second prohibited visit.

Stolen Car

A patrol officer checked the plate on a 2001 GMC Jimmy on I90 westbound at 1:14AM on Nov. 11. It was reported stolen in Cleveland. It was stopped on Chester Rd. in Avon by WPD and Avon PD officers. The 23-year-old Lorain man driving was arrested for RSP.

Phony Credit App

On Oct. 12, a Bordeaux Way woman was contacted by the fraud department of a retailer in regards to a phony credit application. On Nov. 12, she reported that 5 more phony applications had been filed with other stores; charges totaling $9900 had been made in IL and IN.

POLICE_Avon Lake_RGBAvon Lake Police: Bike Stop Reveals Warrants

Avon Lake police stopped a bicycle rider on Lake Road at Avondale Ave. for operating a bicycle without a bike light at 0225hrs. on Nov. 18. The man indicated that he had a warrant out of Parma. He was checked for wants and warrants. The Parma warrant was out of the pick-up radius, but another warrant was entered out of Amherst. Amherst verified that the larceny warrant was valid. Police transported the man to the BP station at Detroit Rd. (254) and I-90 to transfer him to an Amherst officer.

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