Far West Center Receives Grant to Assist Lorain County Moms with Postpartum Depression

FWC Logo_RGBFar West Center was awarded a grant from The Women’s Fund of The Community Foundation of Lorain County at the Fund’s annual meeting on November 12. The grant will support the Help for Momsm program offered at Far West Center’s Amherst office at 574 North Leavitt Road. First introduced in Lorain County in 2003, the award-winning Help for Momsm program reduces the impact of postpartum depression on moms, babies, and families.

Postpartum depression is often undetected, or simply identified as “the baby blues,” when in fact, it is a far more serious mental health problem affecting 12-15% of new moms in the weeks and months after giving birth. It is a real illness, with severe and disabling symptoms affecting the new mother, the infant, and the family unit. Both short- and long-term family development are affected by this illness. With prompt treatment, new moms not only recover, but the health and well-being of the growing family improves.

Help for Momsm mental health services are available throughout the year and include support for transportation and childcare. These services are available because of the generosity of funders such as The Women’s Fund of The Community Foundation of Lorain County. For further information about Help for Momsm, call 440-835-6212 extension 241 or email helpformom@farwestcenter.com.

Far West Center is an award-winning, nonprofit community mental health center providing services for residents of Lorain County and western Cuyahoga County.

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