Christmas Colors Adorn Westlake Drug Paraphernalia Bust

113578-1Red and green are the Christmas colors that adorned a cornucopia of substance abuse in Westlake on Nov. 25 at 2:58 a.m. when police stopped a 23-year old Rustic Lane in his driveway for erratic driving, report Westlake Police. Officers found a bottle of Wild Irish Rose, a pot pipe, and 86 empty nitrous oxide containers (colloquially known as “whippets”). He gave a breath sample of .099 after being arrested for OVI, Drug Paraphernalia, Open Container, and Abusing Harmful Intoxicants.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Gunplay

A 37-year-old Fairview Park man pointed a loaded 9mm handgun at a 34-year-old Cleveland man on Nov. 22 at 7:35PM. The two were at the Hedgewood Ave. home of the younger man’s former girlfriend. The older man was arrested for Fel. Assault and is a friend of a friend of the younger man’s former girlfriend.

Grand Theft at Pat O’Brien

All 4 tires and rims (worth $22,000 total) were stolen off of 4 2015 Chevrolet Tahoes at Pat O’Brien Chevrolet on the night of Nov. 23.

A 2015 GMC Terrain owned by a Crossings Pkwy. Woman was spray-painted on the night of Nov. 19. Condoms were also left on it.

Credit Card Fraud

An Excalibur Ave. man has had 4 attempts to open credit card accounts in his name Oct. 17-Nov. 20. All were denied; a fifth attempt was successful and $1950 charged to it. He is not responsible for the loss.

A Georgia Dr. woman found 13 illicit charges ($600 total) and 3 attempted charges when her credit card statement came in the mail. She reported the matter on Nov. 20.


A $700 cell phone was stolen from a 15-year-old Beachwood girl’s purse while she was at a First St. business on the evening of Nov. 21.   

A $540 laser was stolen from an American Blvd. construction site on Nov. 20 during the lunch hour. The worker who had rented it reported the theft on Nov. 23.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4

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