Westlake Police: Pie Man Tossed from Detroit Road Bakery

On Nov. 24 at 6:48, said Simple Simon to the Pie Man: “how fresh are your wares?” A customer felt that he was rudely treated by a Detroit Rd. bakery staff member after inquiring about the age of the pies on sale, report Westlake Police.  The customer then came back twice more to discuss the matter further, with the business being closed the last time. He was sent on his way and advised that his patronage was no longer welcome.

And It Isn’t Even New Year’s Yet

Some people like to watch the parades or the turkey bowling competition on TV on Thanksgiving morning. A Westwood Rd. household got to see an intoxicated 20-year-old Westlake man get arrested for DCI in their front yard at 7:28AM. He had passed out there. He also had Rx pills, some reefer and drug paraphernalia, and an open bottle of vodka. Underage Possession of Alcohol, Drug Possession, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia are what the suspect can be thankful for.

Man Allegedly Moons Staff and Customers   

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Female staff and customers complained about a 40-year-old Berea man (convicted sex offender) repeatedly exposing his buttocks inside a Center Ridge Rd. store on the evening of Nov. 24. He claimed that due to impending lower backside surgery he was adjusting his pants. He was arrested on an outstanding Strongsville PD warrant; the City Prosecutor will review a possible Public Indecency charge.

Domestic Violence

A 32-year-old Westlake man pulled the hair of and pushed his 24-year-old wife into a wall at their Cedarwood Dr. home on Nov. 24 at 11:49PM. He was arrested for DV at his Center Ridge Rd. office a short while later. As he is on probation for an unrelated RRMC Petty Theft charge, he was given 30 days for that offense. He has not posted his $4000 bond on the DV charge.

Bad Drunk Allegedly Shakes Mom, Chest Bumps Officer

An intoxicated 46-year-old Bay Village man threatened staff and generally raised Cain at St. John Medical Center on Nov. 22 at 4:21PM. He was stopped nearby in a car driven by his 68-year-old mother, whom he shook as officers were checking his ID. He was forcibly removed from her car and arrested for DCI. He chest-bumped an officer in the jail, where he spent the night on further charges of Obstructing Official Business and Failure to Wear a Seatbelt.

Credit Card Fraud

A Kenley Ct. woman’s credit card was used 4x on Nov. 25 for purchases totaling over $1300.00 She was notified by one of the retailers about the fraud and closed the account.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4

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