WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerFather of the Year

A Cleveland couple who are breaking up housekeeping squabbled over their cars on Feb. 19. They are not married; he (35) owns a 2015 Chevrolet Impala and she (36) owns a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro. By mutual consent, they each used the other’s car and were to meet up that evening at a First St. business and trade back. The woman says the male reneged on the deal and took off with the keys to both, leaving her and two of their five kids stranded. He says he left her behind so he could clear his stuff out of the house without having a scene. Prosecutor to rule.

Cell Phone Hell

A 20-year-old Amherst man had a really bad day on Feb. 23. He reported that an ex-girlfriend who obtained a TPO against him has been calling, texting, or private messaging him on Facebook as often as 75 times a day. Note that if he were to respond, it would be a violation of the TPO; her reaching out to him, while foolish, is not. He was, however, arrested on the strength of warrants from Strongsville PD, Portage Co. SO, and OSHP. The persistent female in question was contacted by a WPD officer and told to knock it off or face Telecommunications Harassment charges. She said she would comply.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Stolen Car, No License

23 and 24-year old Avon Lake men were caught driving a stolen 2006 Honda CRV on Bradley Rd. on Feb. 21. Not that it concerned him in the least, but the younger man driving was under suspension for a recent OVI; he was arrested for RSP, DUS, and not signaling a turn. The elder man had warrants from two other police agencies and faces Complicity to RSP.

Bro-man Stopped in Traffic Violation

Bro. Bro-Man. Bro-Meister. Teddy Broosevelt. Whatever he calls himself, a 35-year-old Olmsted Falls bro-man pretended to be his real bro on Feb. 12 and was stopped by Westlake Police. The bro-man was stopped for a traffic violation and identified himself as being his own brother. The bro-man has done this so often that there is a fraud warning attached to the brother’s BMV license file, report Westlake Police. Mr. Phony Baloney bromeister was arrested for Driving Under Suspension, Obstructing Official Business, and on warrants from other departments.

High Drama at Westlake Hotel

A fight, a car stuck in a snow bank, a denial of violence from a pregnant girlfriend, tasering and a felony arrest all added up to a night of excitement at a Westlake hotel last week.

The scene began to unfold when security was called to a fight at the Crocker Road hotel on Feb. 15. A male suspect was seen leaving the building. A 28-year-old Cleveland woman in the room claimed that the argument was only verbal and that she had just met the male. Officers saw the woman walking towards his 2004 VW a short while later and tried to stop him in the parking lot; he fled, but got stuck in a snowbank. He then fled on foot, was caught, fought with officers, and was tasered. The female then admitted that he had hit her, that they have lived together on and off, and that she may be pregnant with his child. The male suspect has a prior DV, making this charge a felony. He was also charged with OVI, BAC (.098 breath), DUS, Fleeing, Resisting Arrest, and lesser traffic charges.

Craigslist Scam Averted

A savvy would-be renter saved himself trouble by double-checking on a Craigslist house rental offer. He drove by the Dover Center Rd. house in question on Feb. 15 and found that it was up for sale, not for rent. He had already called the Houston phone number in the ad; the male that answered had a heavy Asian accent and would not show the house. Our intrepid renter then found that the owner had passed away, hence the sale and the ghoulish attempt by unknown persons in TX to take advantage of the situation. The ad was taken down as of Feb 18 and the account suspended.

Mail Tampered

A check that a Doral Ln. man left in his mailbox for the letter carrier to take was instead stolen on Feb. 11. It was then altered to change the payee and to increase the amount by $1000. The bank is assisting WPD’s investigation; it appears the transaction took place in Cambridge, OH via mobile banking app. POSTSCRIPT: it is strongly recommend that outgoing mail be placed in the familiar blue USPS deposit boxes.

Obvious Evidence

A planter in the median in front of Westlake High School on Hilliard Blvd. was clobbered by a 2010 Hyundai on the evening of Feb. 14. We knew this because the bumper was left behind. The suspect vehicle and driver (22-year-old Westlake woman) were found at a Dover Center Rd. gas station a short while later. She was arrested for OVI, BAC (.162 breath test), and Failure to Control.

ID Thefts

A Willow Run woman discovered she was the victim of ID thefts on Feb. 4. Someone in CA added 2 lines to her cellphone account and tried to obtain a phone and IPad. The transactions were cancelled. On Feb. 17, a retail chain contacted her about her new account, which she was not aware of. It was also closed, and she reported the incidents on Feb. 18.

Also on Feb. 18, an Essex Ct. woman reported that 3 new cells phones were purchased under her name in CA on Feb. 3, thus deactivating her own phone. The service provider shut off the new phones and turned hers back on. On Feb. 12, an unsolicited credit card arrived in the mail with her name misspelt; $707 in charges were already run up on it. A third credit card account also had $990 in illicit charges made on it. Both the latter accounts have been closed.

Again on Feb. 18, a Beechwood Dr. woman received a $651 bill from a credit card company. She had not requested such a card, which was issued on Sept. 22. Somebody made a $200 payment on that card a week later.

POLICE_Bay Village_DisclaimerMan Scammed in ‘New Neighbor’ Ruse

The Good Neighbor policy backfired on a Bay Village resident last week when he tried to assist a neighborhood newbie who lied about a house he said he bought. On 02/18/2016, at 0941 hrs, a Midland resident reported that on 02/16/2016, he was approached by a male who stated he had just bought the house next door, and was moving in. The male stated his son had just dropped him off and was going to pick a rental truck, but was $42.00 short for the rental. The alleged new neighbor asked the resident for a $42.00 loan, which he gave to him. After a few days the resident didn’t notice any activity at the house, which was still listed as “for sale,” and suspected he had been scammed. Police are investigating.

Craigslist Scam Thwarted

On 02/19/2016, at 1246 hrs, an East Oakland resident reported someone attempted to scam him through Craigslist. The resident reported he had advertised merchandise for sale for $300.00. He received a check in the mail for $1,500.00 for the items he was selling. The perspective buyer asked the seller to cash the check and keep the money he was asking for, then send the remaining money via Western Union to the perspective buyer. The seller recognized this to be a scam, and did not follow through. BVPD reminds resident to be very cautious when selling items on Craigslist, and recommend a public meeting area for all transactions.

Car Entered/Theft

On 02/18/2016, at 1813 hrs, a female reported that her vehicle had been entered and her wallet was stolen while she was visiting a friend on Sherwood. The incident happened two weeks ago, and the only items missing were her driver’s license and some paperwork associated with the vehicle. Police are investigating, and remind residents to please lock your vehicles and take valuables inside.

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