Westlake Police: Burnt Headlight Reveals Six Active Warrants

In a case of law enforcement irony, it was a burnt out headline that shed light on six active warrants leading to the arrest of 21-year old Cleveland man.

According to police, the burnt out headlight was the cause of the 21-year-old Cleveland man having his 6 active warrants served on him at 4:06 AM on March 4 as he drove along Detroit Rd. He also lacks a valid driver’s license; his shoeless female passenger (19 yoa Cleveland woman) was arrested for Underage Consumption and Open Container. Lights out all the way around.POLICE_Westlake_RGB

Outside the Lines

Not staying in her own lane on I90 led to a 22yoa Cleveland woman being arrested on a CPD robbery warrant on March 5 at 1:07AM. She was also cited for POM. Her 22-year-old male passenger from Cleveland also had a warrant from Cleveland Hts PD, but they could not serve it at the time.

Mean Drunk

A 33yoa Pineview Dr. man got the worst of a fight he started at a Center Rudge Rd. bar on March 5 at 3:21AM. He badgered another patron throughout the evening, then threw a punch outside, got knocked on his keister, and was held down by bystanders until officers arrived. He was arrested for DCI.


A Sleepy Hollow Dr. man found that a suspicious $989 charge was made on his credit card in Dec. 2015. An unknown suspect bought a Qatar Airways ticket with it. The victim reported the fraud on March 7.


$3700 worth of jewelry is missing from a Stonegate Cr. woman’s home. She suspects contractors who were working there in Dec. She reported the items missing on March 7.

A tip jar containing an est. $20 was stolen by a female suspect from a Detroit Rd. restaurant on the evening of March 7. The theft may be related to similar ones elsewhere in the Westshore.

Jewelry worth $9350 is missing from an Oakwood Ln. woman’s house. She has been looking for some of it for a month and suspects her house cleaners. She reported the theft on March 8.

A Crossings Pkwy couple found out that their credit card has been used to make an online purchase; failed attempts to charge purchases also occurred in Holland and the UK. They reported the international financial intrigue on March 8 and closed the account.

A North Ridgeville man’s gym bag was stolen from an unlocked locker at the Rec. Center on March 8.  It contained keys and clothing.

A Coes Post Run resident saw her new garbage can being dropped off by her trash hauler on March 10. While she put on shoes to bring it in from the curb, somebody stole it.


A 52yoa Cleveland man was seen prowling around a Columbia Rd. home on the afternoon of March 8. 90 minutes later, he was found trespassing behind a business on Center Ridge Rd. He was arrested for the initial Trespass.

Car Trouble

Somebody’s grey Audi looks much the worse for wear after it hit a mailbox on Regency Cr. on the night of March 8. Leaking coolant and transmission fluid, it was limped by the white male driver to a stranger’s driveway on Northglen Dr. It had significant front end, undercarriage, and driver’s side damage and was towed by an unknown towing company to an unknown location. The hit-skip driver told bystanders that he had steering problems, and then was whisked away by the occupants of another car. The driver’s mom called the next day to report she had picked up her 19yoa son (who had been driving) after he swerved to miss a deer and crashed. The Prosecutor will consider Failure to Control and Hit Skip charges.

Visitation Day    

A 13yoa former student showed up at his former school on Crocker Rd. and cussed out staff members. When his mom showed up, he pushed her around as she tried to calm him down. This occurred on March 7, it was reported on March 9.

Death Threat

A 41-yoa Kilgour Dr. woman reported that several years of abuse by her 36yoa soon-to-be-ex-husband culminated in a threat to kill her on March 10. She kept records of the past physical abuse and recorded the death threat. A DV warrant is being sought.

Shoplifters Stopped

Staff recognized a pair of shoplifting suspects in a Detroit Rd. store on March 10. The 45yoa Lorain female and 62yoa Lorain male set a $216 coffee maker aside where their accomplice (68yoa Elyria man) snuck it out of the store. All were arrested for Petty Theft. Food and other items stolen from Giant Eagle stores in Westlake and Amherst were also recovered. All 3 also face RSP, Complicity, and Possession of Criminal Tools.


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