Eagle Cam Update! Families of 5

Redwood Elementary

Redwood Elementary

Two pairs of Bald Eagles nesting at Redwood Elementary School, 32967 Redwood Blvd. in Avon Lake, and at Lorain County Metro Parks’ Sandy Ridge Reservation, 6195 Otten Road in North Ridgeville have three eggs.

Many readers and students at Redwood Elementary follow the eagles via a camera that was installed a few months ago. The camera provides a live 24/7 feed of the nest.

Last year, Redwood had two eaglets and named them ‘Hope’ and ‘Pride.’ The school’s current eagles are named Stars’ and ‘Stripes’ (all named by the students).

Lorain County Metro Park’s Sandy Ridge Reservation

Lorain County Metro Park’s Sandy Ridge Reservation

A pair of Bald Eagles have been nesting at Sandy Ridge Reservation since 2002. They have built three nests; using the current location since Superstorm Sandy blew out a different nest in 2012. There have been four different eagles during that time. Today two different adults than the pair that began nesting in 2002.

The female usually lays two eggs at the end of February/beginning of March. Parents share incubation duties, but the female does most of it. Incubation is typically 35 days. According to calculations, the happy couples could have eaglets by first week of April (36 days make it April 1).


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