WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

DSC_6272-1Bay Village House Fire Fatality

On Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 7:09 pm, the Bay Village Police Department received a 911 phone call reporting that there was a home on fire in the 23000 block of Knickerbocker Road.

Bay Village Police and Fire units were dispatched to the home. Bay Village FD personnel and other units from around the area battled the blaze.

Unfortunately, fire department personnel found that a female resident was deceased in the home. The State Fire Marshal is currently investigating the cause of the fire. At this time, it appears to be accidental.

POLICE_Bay Village_DisclaimerBay Driver Goes into Valley

A student driver who hit the gas instead of the brakes went into a ravine on Saturday evening in Bay Village. The driver was taking a lesson from a parent when the mishap occurred near the skate park. The car fell about 30 feet before hitting the bottom of the ravine. Both driver and parent were taken to the hospital.

Damage is visible at the site of the Crocker Park propane tank explosion that occurred the morning of March 10.

Workers stood by in the parking lot across the street from the American Greetings construction site. “No comment,” was their response as they talked privately, unable to go to work last Friday The explosion was heard for miles around. Even in Bay Village, residents reported that they heard the blast.

DSC_6248-1Crocker Park Explosion

Crocker Park issued this statement March 11:

“Earlier this morning an explosion and fire occurred at the construction site of the new American Greetings Creative Studios at Crocker Park.

“Early reports indicate that a construction propane tank caught fire and exploded. The cause of the incident is still being investigated. At this time, there are no reported injuries. American Greetings and Crocker Park commend the swift action taken by Westlake Police and Fire Departments. We are extremely grateful to report only property damage and no injuries. American Greetings and Crocker Park are working with authorities and more information on the incident will be released as those details become available. As a result of the incident, there are a limited number of temporary store and restaurant closings. Crocker Park advises guests to call their destinations to confirm their status.”

POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerFunny Money Buys Tickets to Jail

It is illegal to spend counterfeit money. Unless you are buying a ticket to jail.

Yes, the family that passes funny money together goes to jail together. The story unfolded, say Westlake Police, when a  40-year-old Maple Hts. mom used $60 in counterfeit money to make purchases at Dave and Busters on the night of Feb. 26.

Staff detected the bogus bills and called WPD. When the officer tried to question her, she pretended to talk on her cell phone and walked away from him.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4She could not produce the credit card receipt she claimed to have for the purchase, claimed she was a Cleveland Clinic doctor (she is an IT worker), drives a nicer car than the officers, and then tried to pass her purse to her 21 and 24 year old daughters. Her 16-year-old son also swung on an officer, so jail became a family affair!

Junkie Story

3 people were arrested in connection with the theft of toiletries from a Detroit Rd. store on Feb. 28. The manager suspected that a 34-year-old Elyria man had stolen similar items in the past and confronted him. An accomplice (28-year-old Elyria man) then left the store and set off the anti-theft system. Both got into a car driven by a 29-year-old Elyria woman who tried to hide her face from the manager. He provided the license plate to WPD. The female and younger male were found at their Elyria home later that day; he was arrested for drug abuse instruments, drug paraphernalia, possession of heroin, and petty theft. The female will receive a summons for Complicity to Petty Theft. The older male was arrested at his workplace in Grafton for Complicity to Petty Theft and Drug Abuse Instruments. He is also an admitted junkie. Lorain Co. Children’s Services was notified due to kids being present in the couple’s Elyria home-drug den.

Burnt Headlight Reveals Six Active Warrants

In a case of law enforcement irony, it was a burnt out headline that shed light on six active warrants leading to the arrest of 21-year old Cleveland man.

According to police, the burnt out headlight was the cause of the 21-year-old Cleveland man having his 6 active warrants served on him at 4:06 AM on March 4 as he drove along Detroit Rd. He also lacks a valid driver’s license; his shoeless female passenger (19 yoa Cleveland woman) was arrested for Underage Consumption and Open Container. Lights out all the way around.

Outside the Lines

Not staying in her own lane on I 90 led to a 22 yoa Cleveland woman being arrested on a CPD robbery warrant on March 5 at 1:07AM. She was also cited for POM. Her 22-year-old male passenger from Cleveland also had a warrant from Cleveland Hts PD, but they could not serve it at the time.

Mean Drunk

A 33 yoa Pineview Dr. man got the worst of a fight he started at a Center Ridge Rd. bar on March 5 at 3:21AM. He badgered another patron throughout the evening, then threw a punch outside, got knocked on his keister, and was held down by bystanders until officers arrived. He was arrested for DCI.

Car Trouble

Somebody’s grey Audi looks much the worse for wear after it hit a mailbox on Regency Cr. on the night of March 8. Leaking coolant and transmission fluid, it was limped by the white male driver to a stranger’s driveway on Northglen Dr. It had significant front end, undercarriage, and driver’s side damage and was towed by an unknown towing company to an unknown location. The hit-skip driver told bystanders that he had steering problems, and then was whisked away by the occupants of another car. The driver’s mom called the next day to report she had picked up her 19 yoa son (who had been driving) after he swerved to miss a deer and crashed. The Prosecutor will consider Failure to Control and Hit Skip charges.

POLICE_Avon_DisclaimerAvon Traffic Alert

Alert to drivers: Upcoming Nagel Road Construction is coming in Avon.

On or about March 14, 2016 Sitetech Inc. will begin a construction project that will serve to widen a portion of Nagel Road south of Avon Road. The project will involve the construction of a western extension of Middleton Road along with traffic signals and turn lanes on Nagel Road at the Middleton intersection. An eastern extension of Middleton Road was constructed in 2015 and currently serves as the entrance way to the new Levin Furniture store.

The current work will continue for approximately 150 calendar days with a tentative completion date of August 15th.

During the course of this work Nagel Road traffic will be restricted to one lane. Temporary traffic signals will be placed at each end of the work zone in order to allow alternating flows of traffic in each direction through the work zone. To lessen the traffic impact of this work as much as possible, Avon Road will be re-opened with two way traffic from Nagel Road in Avon to Bradley Road in Westlake. The traveling public is encouraged to use this alternate route as a way to avoid the Nagel Road construction zone.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4

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