Bay Resident Scammed for $2K by Phony ‘Grandson’

On March 22, 2016 at 9:22 am, a resident on Bar Harbor Drive came to the Bay Village Police station to report he had been the victim of a scam. The previous evening a phone call had been received from what the victim and his wife believed was their oldest grandson.  Bay Police report the “grandson” claimed to be in Buffalo where he was in police custody for OVI, after being in a motor vehicle accident. The caller needed $2,000 and was able to convince the victim to go purchase four $500 iTune cards. The victim then called the “grandson” and gave him the numbers on the cards so the money could be withdrawn.  Later the victim realized it was not in fact his grandson.

Busted at Bay Square

POLICE_Bay Village_Disclaimer

On March 22, 2016 at 6:27pm, a Bay Village officer noticed a vehicle, which bore license plates expired in May 2015, in front of Minotti’s Beverage, 27313 Wolf Road.  The operator was cited and the car was towed. The passenger was found to have warrants issued by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department. He was taken into custody.

OVI for Stranded Driver

On March 27, 2016 at 3:38am a Bay Village officer was flagged down by a motorist whose car was stopped in the middle of Lake Road at Bradley Road. The female operator was lost and asked for directions to her residence in North Olmsted. In speaking to the female the officer had reason to suspect she was under the influence of alcohol. She failed road side sobriety tests and was arrested. She was cited for OVI, Slow Speed/Stopped in Traffic and BAC > .170%.Joseph Burke Law_WEB4

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