How Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s Benefit from Your Visits

Normandy Retirement Logo VERT_RGBCaring for and visiting with someone who has Alzheimer’s disease can be emotionally and physically draining. In a recent survey, over 40% of people reported thinking it was “pointless” to stay in contact with a loved one in advanced dementia.

However, the Alzheimer’s Society is encouraging family and friends to stay active in the lives of their loved ones, citing a strong emotional memory and long lasting benefits from socializing with loved ones.

Visits with Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s

A recent survey found that 42% of the public think it’s pointless to stay in contact with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s after they are unable to recognize the faces of family and friends. Alzheimer’s advocates and researchers caution against this line of thinking, saying that even as the disease progresses, people with advanced dementia can still hold an emotional memory, meaning that they remember how something made them feel long after they have forgotten they event that brought those feelings.

5 Ways Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s Benefit

Research shows that even though a person with dementia may no longer recognize a loved one, their time together has a lasting, positive impact. Here are 5 reasons to continue visiting your loved one with dementia, even after it seems their dementia is too advanced to benefit from time together.

  1. They may recognize you even if they can not express it.
  2. Even if they are unable to remember your relationship, they may remember how often you visit.
  3. They may enjoy visits even if they can not remember your name or your relationship to them.
  4. Opportunities to socialize and visits can put your loved one in a better mood and help them relax.
  5. People with Alzheimer’s still have emotional memory, remembering how an event has made them feel after forgetting the details of the event.

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Arthur’s Place at The Normandy Care Center

Sharon Pozo, CDP, Activities Coordinator, Cindy Oliver, RN. C, Clinical Manager Arthur’s Place and Megan Gassman, LSW, CDP, Social Worker.

Sharon Pozo, CDP, Activities Coordinator, Cindy Oliver, RN. C, Clinical Manager Arthur’s Place and Megan Gassman, LSW, CDP, Social Worker.

Aging with integrity and the support residents need on every step of their journey is the mission of Arthur’s Place at the Normandy Care Center in Rocky River.

At Arthur’s Place Memory Care Center, every detail has been considered in the thoughtful design and comprehensive services offered there. The facility has also earned a five-star rating from

“Just because some people have dementia doesn’t mean they can’t have a good quality of life,” says Cindy Oliver, RN,C, Clinical Manager, Arthur’s Place.

“Activities involve as many elements of the everyday world as possible,” says Megan Gassman, LSW, CDP, Social Worker.

Residents live comfortably and securely in the 48-bed Memory Care Center that includes private and semi-private rooms and 4,000 square feet of common space. A covered and secure outdoor patio offers a breath of fresh air and views of The Normandy’s serene, wooded campus.

Unique to Arthur’s Place is their Snoezelen multi-sensory area for relaxation, as well as specialized therapies and activities tailored to each resident as the staff of Certified Dementia Practitioners keep residents engaged, happy and safe.


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