Cleveland: Looking Good for the RNC

Cleveland has never looked better!


President and CEO of the RNC host committee David Gilbert on E. 4th St.

With thousands of Republican National Convention visitors converging on the city, Cleveland is in the national spotlight and looking great.

Yes, there are police everywhere – troopers from states all across America, Secret Service agents, Capitol Police, K-9 patrols and helicopters buzzing overhead.

And there are protesters – even a group of automatic-weapon toting activists who trekked across the Detroit Road in a display of Second Amendment rights.

But things are colorful and mostly peaceful amidst the commotion. It is great to see out-of-towners gawking at Cleveland landmarks like the Terminal Tower decked out in Red, White and Blue lights. Public Square, revitalized and spacious, is a great focal point. The Q – just a month ago alive with NBA finals action – is pulsing with delegates and guests. The area between the arena and Progressive Field is reserved for delegate socializing and the weather is perfect for the week’s event. People are friendly, beer can be found for just four bucks and a plate of piereogi for 9.

Proud to be a Clevelander this week!



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