Community West Foundation…A Man with a Plan and a Charity Van

Brian Davis, NEOCH, Angelo Anderson, 2100 Lakeside Shelter, Rory, 11, and dad Brian Biggs of Hogwarts Running Club and Dennis Ashton, NEOCH.

Brian Biggs and his daughter, Rory, 11, are on a cross-country road trip with a mission to deliver socks to the homeless.

The duo stopped in Westlake last Thursday on their way from Pittsburgh and then to Toledo and Detroit. Their destination locally? Community West Foundation on Sharon Drive where they were greeted with welcome signs, open arms and a quick lunch.

Community West Foundation can’t thank their new friends from Guilford, Connecticut enough! Brian Biggs and his daughter, Rory, delivered 4,249 pairs of socks today in support of Community West Foundation’s SocksPLUS Program for the homeless.

The welcoming committee of Community West Foundation staff and appreciative charities greeted Rory and Brian Biggs with welcome signs and open arms.

Representatives from Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and 2100 Lakeside Emergency Mens Shelter came to receive the socks and were so impressed and grateful, and plan to deliver straight to the people in need. How incredible is that?

Community West Foundation was one of the locations in this father-daughter 5-day journey covering a 1,676 miles to deliver 20,000 pairs of socks in 9 different cities!

With his van “filled to the gills with socks, Community West Foundation staff happily celebrated this fantastic success that will help many people.

David T. Dombrowiak, President and CEO, Community West Foundation (center) with Rory and dad Brian Biggs of Hogwarts Running Club.

The socks were collected during the Hogwarts Running Club “Dobby Sock Drive” in March that resulted in an astonishing 81,611 pairs to help the needy. Why call it the “Dobby Sock Drive?” Harry Potter fans will instantly recognize this fun connection to the popular book and movie: Dobby is an elf who is set free when presented with an article of clothing, a sock.

The Dobby Sock Drive is believed to be the largest sock drive in history and Hogwarts Running Club will be submitting this effort to Guinness!

Hogwarts is unique among running clubs as it hosts ‘virtual’ running events where participants can sign up, run in their own neighborhood, community or track and on their own schedule, and then compete against others in their age group in a virtual competition. Medals (again in the Harry Potter theme) are awarded and proceeds are donated to charitable organizations.

In its first three years, the club has donated over $800,000 to more than 15 charities by organizing virtual running events designed to promote walking/running, provide unique and medals, and, most importantly, raise money for these deserving charities in order to accomplish our mission of changing the muggle-world…one mile at a time.

There are no membership lists, no dues and no fees. You become a “member” of the Hogwarts Running Club simply by “liking” them on Facebook at

Learn more about SocksPLUS at

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