Garbage Truck Catches Fire in Westlake

Residents Reminded What NOT to Place in the Trash

The Westlake Fire Department extinguished a fire that started inside a garbage truck around 10:45 a.m. on Laughlin Lane in Westlake, Ohio.

When the Rumpke trash truck driver noticed the fire, he shut down the truck, exited for safety and immediately notified authorities. The fire department extinguished the visible fire, which occurred inside the truck’s load. They are working with Rumpke representatives to determine next steps for ensuring the fire is completely out. No one was injured.

“We appreciate the quick response from the Westlake emergency crews,” said Bob Havenga, Rumpke district manager. “We are working to clear the scene as quickly as possible.”

While the source of the fire is unconfirmed, most fires that Rumpke experiences are a result of unacceptable materials placed in the trash or recycling. During the summer, this typically includes hot grills, charcoal, lithium ion batteries and pool chemicals.

Residents are reminded to never place these items or other household hazardous wastes in the trash or recycling. They should contact the local solid waste district for proper disposal options.

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