Busch Funeral and Crematory Services Caregivers of the Month

Busch Funeral and Crematory Services would like to congratulate our September Caregivers of the Month! “Caregiver Recognition” program honors outstanding caregiver monthly. These can be healthcare professionals, clergy, agency volunteers or staff who are in caregiving roles. Previous winners have included nurses, custodians, therapy dog owners, church volunteers, home health aides, etc.

Ellen Kolman, Mark Busch, Heidi Bretz

The Staff Caregiver of the Month Award goes to Ellen Kolman, a dedicated pediatric nurse at the Cleveland Clinic. Ellen was nominated by her supervisor Heidi Bretz who praised her for “going above and beyond, organizing free immunizations for children and bike safety helmet events, teaching families, and volunteering at her church.” She was surprised with balloons, cookies, plaque and Visa gift card on Halloween as her team at the CC Family Health Center, Strongsville was dressed as “Trolls!”

“Ellen is a pediatric Registered Nurse who is a caring and compassionate care giver. She has worked to get free immunizations for children whose families can’t afford them, has set up bike helmet safety events where children have an opportunity to get free helmets and a chance to win a new bike. She has championed flu shot clinics for the pediatric population to ensure that over 1000 children and their families have the opportunity to be vaccinated at this 4 hour event. She is a teacher to children and their families regarding taking care of their sick loved ones over the phone or bringing them in to the office to be seen by a physician. She is a community volunteer and works in her local church on various activities. Ellen is an outstanding individual and is an exceptional nurse who also serves the community.”

The Volunteer Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Mary Levtzow, an extraordinary volunteer at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School located in Westlake. Mary was nominated by Pastor Ron Young for her many hours helping others at St. Paul’s. Pastor Ron went on to thank Mary for “feeding the hungry, putting smiles on faces, tutoring, teaching Sunday School and caring for the homebound, as well as reaching, teaching and caring for all people.“

“Mary leads with personal involvement, recruiting others, and a heartfelt commitment to serving others. She provides leadership by serving meals in a program that feeds the hungry from Cleveland, to Lorain, to the southern part of the greater Cleveland area. She loves her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and it shows throughout the week. She works tirelessly and puts a smile on the faces of those that know her. In addition, she tutors, teaches in our Sunday School, and provides countless hours of care to our homebound and their families. There’s more… There’s always more when it comes to Mary’s example of reaching, teaching and caring for ALL people. To God be the glory as He continues to use Mary for His work. – Rev. Ron Young, On behalf of the membership St. Paul Lutheran Church & the many lives that Mary continues to touch every day.”

Thank you both for your selflessness and hard work!

Nominations are submitted to www.buschcares.com/about/caregiveraward and reviewed for monthly “surprise” presentations. The recipient gets a beautiful plaque, cookies, balloons and a $100 visa gift card! Please consider nominating a deserving caregiver for this recognition!

If you wish to nominate someone for October’s Busch Recognition Award, we encourage you to submit your nomination by completing the nomination form. All nominations are carefully read and considered each month during the year-long program.

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