Pants on Fire! Meth Head Loses His Shorts

Westlake Police report that a possible Meth smoker lost his shorts on Nov. 1 and called for help in a frenzied paranoia.

The bizarre burlesque went down when the 42 year old Bassett Rd. man thought someone stole some of his clothes on Nov. 1 while he showered, report Police.

He was under the influence of drugs and claimed that several street gangs were after him. Police arrived to find a pair of shorts smoldering in the fireplace! Also found was a baggie of meth and a pipe in his bedroom. Both these items, of course, were claimed to be planted by either Westlake Police or gang members. The soaked smoker was arrested for Drug Possession and Drug Paraphernalia.

OD on Mulberry Street

Despite the bucolic images conjured by the moniker Mulberry Street Garage, a 32 year old Westlake man was found passed out in his 2006 Kia Sorrento on Oct. 30 in this Crocker Park locale.  A hypo and suspected heroin were in the center console, report Police. In hiis pocket were OVI and Drug Abuse Instrument charge paperwork from the Lorain Co. Sheriff dated Oct. 29. Westlake charges were felony Drug Possession, another Drug Abuse Instrument Charge, and Drug Paraphernalia.

Who’s the Boss?

Who says drunks have control issues? Well, self control maybe. Not so much when an intoxicated 32 year old Farmington Turn man would not let his mom, wife, and kids leave the home on Oct. 29. He also refused to ID himself and so was arrested in Westlake for DCI and Obstructing Official Business.


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