Grandma Scam Costs Westlake 90-Year Old Seven Grand

A 90-year old Westlake woman is out $7000 after falling for the ‘Grandma Scam’ when a phone caller purported to be her grandson’s ‘attorney.’

The 90 year old Brick Mill Run woman fell prey to the grandma phone scam on Nov. 1, according to Westlake Police. She bought $7000 worth of gift cards and gave the numbers to her grandson’s “attorney’, who purported to represent him after a car crash. On Nov. 4, she found out that her grandson had not been in an accident. The calls originated in Canada.

The Grandma Scam is one of the most insidious fraud crimes of our time. Tell your elderly loved ones to NEVER act on a phone call asking for money before consulting with family members.

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