Veteran’s Day 2017: Rose Senior Living Honors Those Who Served

Veteran’s Day 2017 was recognized in dignified fashion by Rose Senior Living at Avon Saturday morning, Nov. 11

Veterans from both Rose Senior Living and the community were invited to a sumptuous 8 a.m. breakfast and then a Veteran’s Recognition Ceremony where Gregory Weiss, Hospice of the Western Reserve volunteer, opened the occasion with prayer and welcome.

Eve Wilhelmi, Director of Life Enrichment Rose Senior Living, presented patriotic and moving videos which captured the spirit of the day.

Each veteran in attendance was also pinned with a memento of service and thanks from the community.

Veterans in attendance included:

Army – Gene Connor, Bob D’Allesandro, Frank Davidson, Jack Patton, Bill Markham, Jim Minick, Walter Wheal, George Wilcox and Joe LaGrassa.

Navy – Bob Wallace.

Air Force – Robert Stefancin.

Coast Guard – Richard Martin.

Thank you, Veterans!

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