Westlake Police Bust Counterfeit Clothes Ring

Somebody lost their New Year’s Eve finest on the night of Dec. 22 when a traffic stop by Westlake Police uncovered a clothes closet on wheels of ersatz rag.

The windfall of counterfeit concert haberdashery tallied a total of 57 unlicensed t-shirts (total value $1710) seized from a 50 year old South Carolina man (Sweet Caroline), a 42 year old California man (California Dreamin’), and a 51 year old California man (Surf City). All 3 were charged with Attempted Trademark Counterfeiting (Jailhouse Rock).

Pinball Wizard

Heavy fog and heavy drinking gave a 37 year old Elyria man no pause on Dec. 22. He struck a Bay Village woman’s Honda on Union St., then fled the scene and struck two more cars on Crocker Rd. before passing out behind the wheel. WFD took him to St. John Medical Center where he was charged with OVI, Hit-Skip, Assured Clear Distance, Fail to Control, Possession of Dangerous Drugs (a pill) , CVW (knives and billy club), Drug Paraphernalia (pot pipe), and Open Container. A 33 year old North Olmsted man from one of the Crocker Rd. cars was also taken to SJMC by WFD for a neck injury.

Shop Lifted

Items worth $900 were stolen from a Crocker Park Blvd. store on Dec. 28. The suspect meandered in/out/around the store, then fiddled with a display and departed. Staff will copy the CCTV for follow-up.   

Taking a Powder

A 52yoa Dover Center Rd. man brought an unknown powder to WPD on Dec. 23, thinking it was an illicit drug being used by his wife. It was not. His 41yoa wife called WPD while he was out to report a domestic which took place the previous night. She said he pushed and kicked her after arguing over money. He was arrested for DV when he went back home.

B & E

A burglar set off the alarm at a Center Ridge Rd. business on Dec. 26. The suspect broke the door glass with a brick and crawled in, but left without taking anything. A copy of the CCTV is being sought.

Clothes Fight

A 53yoa Cleveland woman asked for an escort tot her former Hilliard Blvd. residence on Dec. 28. She had lived there as a housekeeper until Dec. 20. Her belongings were found strewn around the yard and roof of the home on the later date. Other items worth $1500 were reported missing or damaged due to the effects of snow. The 63yoa female former employer denied tossing anything onto the lawn. The Prosecutor will consider a Criminal Damaging charge.


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