Westlake Police: GPS Leads Man Around ‘Road Closed’ Sign

A 29 year old Richmond Hts. man’s assiduous attention to his GPS system caused him to drive around one “Road Closed” sign on Avon Rd. and crash into another on Jan. 1. He rang in the New Year at St. John Medical Center with OVI and Failure to Control citations and was treated for minor injuries. An intoxicated 27yoa Cleveland man passenger gave false ID info and was arrested for DCI and MisID. A 19yoa Westlake woman passenger was uninjured, and an 18yoa Bay Village woman passenger declined treatment for minor injuries.

Traffic Stops Yields Heroin Bust

A 25yoa Marview Dr. man was stopped at his home for no front plate on Jan. 1. He was found to have active warrants from Fairview Park PD and the Cuyahoga Co. Sheriff. He also had hypos, a burnt spoon, cotton balls, a razor blade, and suspected heroin with him. He was arrested for Drug Possession, Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments, and Drug Paraphernalia.

Unhappy Wanderer

An intoxicated 47yoa Detroit Rd. man was found wandering around a Clemens Rd. motel on Dec. 29. He was unable to locate the room he had rented and was not dressed for the 17F weather. He was arrested for DCI and subsequently transported to St. John Medical Center due to his extreme level of impairment.

Cell Phone Swiped During Dr. Appt.

A Cleveland woman’s $670 cellphone was stolen on Dec. 28 (reported on Dec. 30) at a Detroit Rd. doctor’s office. She suspects that a male and female couple who were in and out of that office took it. A tracking app showed it to be in Cleveland and she was referred to Cleveland PD for follow-up.

Mad Drunk

An intoxicated 39yoa SC woman created a disturbance in a Main St. bar on Dec. 31. She was arrested for DCI after yelling and kicking a stall door in the women’s restroom, discomfiting the patron inside.

Can’t Let Go

A 37yoa Bay Village woman is awaiting sentencing on a Violating a TPO charge from 2017. Despite this, she persists in emailing and texting her ex-husband, who reported 25 and 65 of each (respectively) between Dec. 21-Jan. 2. The Prosecutor will review this latest barrage of forbidden messages.

Business Burned by Counterfeit Checks

On Jan. 3, a First St. business found that 3 counterfeit company checks ($5184 total) had been cashed in the Dayton area. Another legit check from this firm never reached the intended payee in TN and may be related to the counterfeiting.

Shopping Spree

A First St. business reported misuse of a company credit card on Jan. 4. A former employee is suspected of charging $4500 for personal purchases between Nov. 20 and Dec. 18.

Debit Card Fraud

A Detroit Rd. woman’s debit card was used illicitly three times between Dec. 30 and Jan. 2. She was able to cancel 2 of the transactions, the last one went through for $188 worth of internet purchases. She suspects a NY man who is involved with a relative of hers.

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