Genesis West Bay Center Opens Ventilator Rehabilitation Unit

Earl duChossois RRT (Registered Respiratory
Therapist), Basem Haddad M.D. (Board
Certified Pulmonologist) and Kevin Trockley,
Admissions Director West Bay Center.

New to Westlake’s Genesis West Bay Center is a Ventilator Rehabilitation Unit designed for patients needing short-term or continuous ventilator treatment and rehabilitation.

The addition of this health care asset to the community means patients who are leaving the hospital, long-term care facility, or other healthcare facility have a qualified resource close to home.

“Our ventilator team is led by Dr. Basem Haddad M.D. (Board Certified Pulmonologist) and Earl duChossois RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist) who are focused on taking a multidisciplinary approach to ventilator rehabilitation.” reports Kevin Trockley, Admissions Director West Bay Center.

Offering clinical expertise that includes specially trained nurses and respiratory therapists, patients are offered an individualized care plan that fits within each patient’s respiratory treatment program, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy as appropriate. West Bay Center will offer 13 private respiratory suites on the new unit.

Audrieanna Bradley, Respiratory
Therapist, with one of the high-
level Genesis Ventilator Units now
in place at Genesis West Bay
Center in Westlake.

The Genesis Ventilator Units employed at West Bay offer comforts and amenities that can make a tremendous difference in patient experience. West Bay patients can expect:

  • 24/7 respiratory therapists on the unit,
  • Private rooms;
  • Remote/rounding pulmonologist access to digital x-rays,
  • Lab results available 24 hours a day,
  • Step down beds for Trach, Cpap and Bpap patients,
  • Telephones & cable included in rooms,
  • Beautiful courtyard and newly renovated environment,
  • Planned Therapy Rehab services designed for respiratory patients,
  • Comprehensive discharge programs including teaching programs for patients and families.

“Our programs are designed to provide optimum care and help improve function on a patient-by-patient basis,” said Trockley. “West Bay provides exceptional comfort while reducing or eliminating ventilator dependence.”

West Bay Center is a Genesis HealthCare facility specializing in Short Stay care, Long Term care, Memory Support, Cardiac Management Program, VA Contracted, Pulmonary Program, and Ventilator Care. Located in Westlake at 27601 Westchester Pkwy. (440) 871-5900.

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