A Powerful, Affordable Solution for Homes and Businesses – Automatic Standby Generators

“If you’re the only business open during an outage then an obvious conclusion is that you may double or even triple your usual revenue per hour,” – Craig, Owner of Shepp Electric Company, Inc., the area’s ONLY Family Owned and Operated Generac Dealer!

The focus on standby generators and their ability to keep homes and businesses operating is an understandable development since each year hundreds of thousands go without power and the numbers are climbing.

GeneratorProsPicsBackup power is now surprisingly affordable and is a wise business decision. Compared to the expense of lost revenue and inventory spoilage, an automatic standby genset is a bargain that will provide years of reliable service. Many homeowners want the same protection, too: “It’s easy to see how quickly this investment will pay for itself. An average store may recoup the cost of a backup system during its first outage. Having standby power is the best way to stay in business. It is also one of the smartest investments for homes in northeastern Ohio and western PA. Compared to the cost of a flooded basement without the sump pump, no heat, frozen water pipes, no stove and no well water an automatic standby system can be a lifesaver.”

In order to assist you with making the right standby power investment we strongly advise you to consult with the area’s Leading Generac® “Premier” Warranty Service Dealer and Installer for 30 years, Shepp Electric Company, Inc., who will conduct a free site survey and electrical load analysis in order to recommend the best size and placement of the system. Whether for home or business, please feel free to call Alyce, Michelle or Rachel at the office Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 877-423-9010, or visit their website at www.generatorpros.com to view information about all their services and generator systems by Generac Power Systems.

In addition, at www.generatorpros.com, you will find a wealth of information that is extremely helpful for your family and business about disaster preparedness, proper use of portable generators and the immediate link to current power outages along the entire North coast.

Contact the automatic standby generator professionals as seen on Fox 8 and keep your family and business safe and secure 24/7.


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