Renewal Levy on May Ballot For Porter Library

On May 8 Westlake voters will be asked to approve a 2.8 mill operating levy renewal for Westlake Porter Public Library. The current 2.8 mill levy, which provides 75% of the library’s operating funds, expires at the end of the year. Passage will ensure library funding for the five-year period of January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023.

Currently the levy is the library’s primary source of operating funds, providing materials (books, magazines, digital/downloadable/streaming materials), resources (computers, software, digital databases, etc.), staffing, program support, supplies, and building operations (maintenance and utilities). The other major source of funding is the state’s Public Library Fund (PLF).

In the five years since the current levy was passed, the library has begun offering new collections and services such as access to thousands of books and other materials via SearchOhio and OhioLink, Roku and GoChip streaming devices, 4K DVDs, video games, Passport service, Laptops Anytime, mobile device charging machines, auto-renewals and access to online education services like, and undergone a major renovation – all without asking taxpayers for additional funds.

Westlake Porter Public Library is an independent library serving the community of Westlake. It was founded in 1884 through a bequest by Leonard G. Porter. Last December it was named a 5 Star Library by Library Journal Magazine.

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