Blind Faith: Bay Runner Keeps Her ‘Vision’ by Walking 5K

Kim Hericks of Rocky River may be visually impaired but she is not vision impaired.

Kim Hericks (center) and walking partners
Karen Hartman and Jill Bleisath jubilantly cross
the finish line at the Bay 5K SnoBall Run.

So, teaming with training partners Karen Hartman and Jill Bleisath of Bay Village, Kim completed the annual Bay 5K Snoball Run that was hosted at Bay High last Saturday morning.

“I am so nervous, but this is just something I have wanted to do for a long time,” said Kim before the trio embarked on their hour-log trek at 9 a.m.

Their timing was perfect – setting their ‘sights’ on Winter Olympics Week for this personal goal that surely equals anything an Olympian might envision.

Kim, a 1983 Bay High grad, has battled diabetes for years. She suffers from neuropathy, has endured two strokes and has had to have her lower extremities healed with hyperbaric oxygen therapy twice.

Jill Bleisath, Kim Hericks and Karen Hartman
celebrate their Olympic moment.

But the challenges have not held her back!

Kim and her team walk indoors at Great Northern Mall during this cold weather season. They have targeted the annual Bay 5K Snoball Run for several months as a training goal.

“Kim has been through so much, yet she still keeps pushing forward,” said Jill before the race. “She has not only become my best friend, but my personal inspiration.”

Cheered at the started and welcomed at the finish by an enthusiastic crowd that included her mother, Bay Middle School secretary Lynne Giessler.

“I didn’t know if I could really do this!” said Kim after the race. “I just went on Blind Faith!”

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