Holy Trinity Students Win Science Contests

Rubber Band Record Player

For the second consecutive school year, Holy Trinity School has been awarded one of the Top School Awards in the 10th annual “Rubber Band Contest,” hosted by The Akron Global Polymer Academy at the University of Akron. All 47 eighth graders at the school entered the contest with Holy Trinity’s Mary Lepore taking second place in the Arts and Leisure Division. Her project called “Songs from Yesterday” was selected as the runner up from 12 national finalists.

In addition to designing and creating a working invention or piece of art that incorporates at least one (1) rubber band, students must also submit an essay. In her essay, Mary describes her artwork as a re-creation of a vinyl record player meant to spark conversation and nostalgia. Because rubber bands are employed throughout the piece, the texture of the record player has a charming, quirky feel which Mary describes as “definitely associated with listening to music on vinyl.”

Nicole Castrigano, Holy Trinity’s junior high science teacher, has reason to be proud of her students’ exceptional showing in recent competitions. Along with the success of the eighth grade class in “The Rubber Band Contest,” Ms. Castrigano’s seventh grade students took part in the 2018 Akron Society of Plastic Engineers’ “Wonders of Plastics” Essay Contest. For the second year in a row, an essay entry from Holy Trinity took first place in this contest. Maddie McLoughlin and Molly Patterson were the winning middle school team in the contest with their essay entitled “Plastics Usefulness in Society.” Akron’s SPE, whose goal is to promote scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics, opens their annual essay contest to middle and high school students in Northeast Ohio. The focus of the contest is to provide students an opportunity to explore how plastics affect everyday life and to investigate emerging technologies.

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