Electrify Your Ride with an eBike!! Put a Charge in Your Summer!

Experience the fun of an electric bicycle this summer!

eBikes Central in Sheffield Lake is the first exclusively electric bicycle shop in the area.

Put a charge in your summer! Electric bicycles are designed to be pedaled but also have an electric motor and battery to help you go further and get you where you’re going faster. They are great for commuting and doing errands around town. You’ll get some exercise at a level you control while enjoying fresh air along your trip.

eBikes have a top speed of 20 mph and will go for around 20 miles on a single charge. The battery is recharged in a regular electric socket for 3-6 hours. They save you dollars on gas, are easy to park and do not require any special insurance or license.

eBikes Central offers 20 different models. Their folding eBikes are popular with boaters, RV owners that love the convenience and compact size. Come in for a test ride!

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