Toddler to Cop: “I Don’t Like it When Mommy Drives Fast”

A toddler told police that he ‘didn’t like it when mommy drives fast’ after a Fairview Park Police officer stopped a car on July 1 that was doing 72 in a 40 MPH zone.

That was just the beginning of the end for the 30-year old Fairview Park woman behind the wheel. She also failed sobriety tests, blew a .258 BAC and was charged with child endangering.

The sequence of events took place July 1 at 1659 hours at W. 220 and Brookpark. An officer on patrol on Brookpark Rd observed a vehicle travelling w/b at an extremely high speed. Using his vehicle’s radar, he clocked the car going 72 mph in the 40 mph zone. As he continued watching he saw the vehicle swerve and strike the right curb.

When the vehicle passed his unit, he made a u-turn and stopped the vehicle after it had turned north onto W 220 St. When he approached the vehicle, he saw a female driver and a young (6 years old) male crying in the back seat. The officer first talked with the child who stated he was crying because he didn’t like it when mommy drives fast, and later also said mommy was hitting things with the car. Talking with the driver, the officer noted a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, slurred speech so bad that he could not understand her when stating her last name, and also watery, bloodshot eyes.

He had her exit the car for sobriety tests. She failed all tests given and did not do well in following the directions given. She was placed under arrest for OVI. Her mother was called and responded to the scene to take custody of the child.

At the station she was given a breath test, result of .258 BAC, more than three times the legal limit. The 30 year old Fairview Park woman was charged with OVI, BAC, Speed, and Endangering Children. She was placed under an immediate license suspension due to the high BAC, and was released to a responsible adult on personal bond.

June 27, 2018   Check Fraud      El Arepazo Y Pupuseria   22799 Lorain Rd

The owner of a local restaurant reported being the victim of check fraud. Two checks, totaling over $7000, were cashed on his business account. He never wrote the checks. Both checks were computer printed and made out to the same individual. The victim stated he always hand writes his checks. His bank is now involved and the investigation is continuing.


June 28, 2018     Bicycle Theft  4149 W 220 St

A W 220 St resident called reporting the theft of his bicycle from his garage. He believes he may have left the garage door open two nights earlier, and just noticed the bike was gone on this date. The bike is valued at around $600. It was entered into the law enforcement stolen property database, no suspects at time of report.

Another bike was stolen from in front of the Fairview Tavern on June 30th. The intoxicated owner had propped it against a trash can and went into the bar, finding it gone about 15 minutes later. The victim did not have the serial number for the bike, so it could not be entered in the stolen property database. No suspects.

June 29, 2018        Theft       4316 Story Rd        

A Story Rd resident came to the police station reporting a gun missing, believed to have been stolen. He noticed the gun missing when North Ridgeville police called wanting to know if he owned any weapons. NRPD advised him that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend had been involved in a crime and used a handgun in it’s commission. When the resident checked the location he had his gun stored, it was gone.

The weapon was entered into the stolen gun database, invest continuing.

June 30, 2018          Disorderly Conduct: Intoxication     W 223/Lorain Rd 0059 hrs

Police received a call of a male laying on a tree lawn on W 223 St just south of Lorain. Upon arrival, the officer found a male passed out on the tree lawn. It took several attempts to awake the subject and he was barely able to speak or answer questions. The only question he was able to answer was whether he had been drinking, to which he replied, “Absolutely”. The male smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage, had impaired speech, and had urinated on himself. When it was determined he had no one who could take responsibility for him, he was placed under arrest and taken to the station. He became belligerent at times, yelling profanities at the officers. The 63 year old Fairview Park man was held overnight till sober and released on bond.

June 30, 2018        Criminal Damaging        22338 Marleen Dr

A male who spent the night at a friend’s house came out to find his truck damaged overnight. The vehicle had been keyed, derogatory words etched in the paint, and a rear tire was flat, later found to have been slashed. The victim suspects an ex-girlfriend who had been sending him angry texts the night before and whom he has had problems with since their break-up more than a year ago.

The 33 year old Strongsville female voluntarily came in to talk to officers about the incident. She initially denied any knowledge, but shortly thereafter broke down crying and admitted to the damage. After conferring with the victim, it was decided as long as she ceases all contact with him and pays for the damage to his truck, no charges will be filed. She was advised by the officers that any breaching of this agreement will result in her being charged with Criminal Damaging, Harassing Communication, and Menacing by Stalking.

July 2, 2018       Traffic Violation/Possession of Marijuana   W 225 St 0121 hrs

An officer on patrol observed a vehicle without its headlights on n/b on W 224 St. He turned around at the next intersection, and found the vehicle had quickly turned down another side street. The officer checked a couple streets before finding the car rapidly going south on W 225 St. He turned on his overhead lights and the car continued on. He then activated his siren and it still continued on until pulling into a driveway some ways down the street.

The male passenger started to get out as the officer approached. A strong odor of raw marijuana was coming from inside the car. A female was found to be the driver of the car, the passenger being the owner. She was unable to provide a drivers license when asked. When another officer arrived, the owner of the car was asked if there was any marijuana in the car. He stated yes and handed over a bag with suspected marijuana as well as a scale. A search of the car resulted in the finding of beer, Smirnoff Ice beverages, and marijuana residue throughout the car and inside a mason jar. Neither occupant was twenty one years of age.

The 20 year old Fairview Park male was cited for Possession of Marijuana. The 18 year old Fairview Park female was cited for No Headlights and Failure to Display her license. The alcoholic beverages were confiscated for destruction.

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