O’Neill Healthcare Presents ‘Music: The Key to Connection’

O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village welcomed Music Therapist Lucille Cimino and Erin Shoemaker to its July ‘Lunch and Learn’ program, “Music: the Key to Connection….an Interactive Experience.”

The program was one of O’Neill Healthcare’s free educational programming sessions open to the public each month.

Music Therapist Lucille Cimino, MT-BC, Executive Director of Sound Inspirations Music Therapy, LLC, along with Erin Shoemaker, MT-BC,  shared an hour-long presentation that started with an introduction to the allied healthcare profession of Music Therapy and some of the key factors that can help one to identify what is, and what is not, Music Therapy.

Individuals in attendance engaged in recreational music experiences as a demonstration for understanding some of the techniques used in music therapy sessions and the different levels of engagement that are involved for the purpose of addressing various health and wellness goals and objectives. The attendees participated by playing rhythm instruments such as drums and shakers; singing along to complete phrases of lyrics; contributing original thoughts to an adapted songwriting experience; and actively listening with focused breathing during a relaxation experience. Beyond educating about how and why music therapy works as a treatment modality, the program highlighted ways of using music to support yourself as a caregiver, to support persons with memory impairments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, and to connecting and sharing positive experiences together.

Memory support is offered at O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village in addition to skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapies and assisted living. Please contact Alexis Renney at 440-348-5424 for more information or to schedule a tour of O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village.

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