SocksPLUS: It Starts With the Socks, but Don’t Forget the PLUS

Give the gift of warmth and comfort. Give the gift of socks, plus more.

When was the last time you were excited to receive socks? For thousands of Cleveland’s homeless, socks are a gift that’s never taken for granted. In fact, they are the item that’s most requested by anyone living outside.

The needs are constant throughout the year. During the cold fall and winter months, socks, gloves, boots and warm clothing protect them from frostbite and hypothermia.

Your donation can help with some basic necessities of this population. No matter what you give, your gift makes a difference.

Consider this:

  • $10 can supply 10 pairs of Socks;
  • $30 can supply 10 pairs of SocksPLUS gloves and a hat, or bottled water and toiletries;
  • $40 can supply 10 pairs of SocksPLUS gloves and a hat and shoes, or a water-resistant mat;
  • $60 can supply 10 pairs of SocksPLUS gloves and a hat, shoes, and heavy-duty winter boots, or a sleeping bag that can be used throughout the year;
  • $100 can supply a backpack filled with 10 pairs of SocksPLUS gloves and a hat, shoes and heavy winter boots, or essential clothing and supplies in the warmer months.

Donating to the campaign is an easy way to help people who are homeless throughout the year. And, when you give, you’ll receive regular updates of where your donations are going and how they’re helping.

Donations can be made online at, by mail to: SocksPLUS, c/o Community West Foundation, 800 Sharon Dr., Suite C, Westlake, Ohio 44145, or in person to The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) is collecting items for the homeless, which can be dropped off at 3631 Perkins Avenue, in Cleveland. NEOCH will distribute items directly to the city’s least fortunate residents. Remember, every little bit will go a long way towards helping someone survive.

In person donation items needed include: New Socks; Blankets; Coats; RTA one-day bus tickets; Toiletries; Hand sanitizer; Water bottles; Towels/hand wash cloths, tissues and baby wipes; Back packs, sleeping bags and tents; Ponchos; Insect repellent; Sunscreen.

For more information, contact Community West Foundation at 440-360-7370. #SocksPLUS

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