Employees Sickened by Possible Food Drugging at Westlake Hospice

On Friday 11/16/18 at approx. 1241 PM Westlake Police responded to a report of a possible “drugging” of a food product eaten by employees at the Hospice of the Western Reserve on Hospice Way in Westlake.

Investigators learned that at least 10 employees were sickened after eating brownies left in a break room at the facility. Two of the employees sought treatment at the hospital for symptoms including paranoia and dizziness.

On Thurs 11/15, a housekeeping employee of the facility presented a tray of brownies to employees and indicated that she had brought them in for everyone. Several employees ate them and became sick over the next hours.

Managers at the facility traced the sickness to the food and suspect employee who then indicated that she had found the brownies while cleaning a patient’s room. Surveillance video and statements are being reviewed for possible charges against the now former employee. The brownies have been submitted to the crime lab for analysis.

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