Making Beautiful Music: Avon Band Students Rake Out for 93-Year Old Bay Grandpa

The Avon High Jazz Band knows there is more than one way to make beautiful music!

93-year old Gordon Moellman of Bay Village and the Avon Band volunteers.

In a response to help an elderly veteran with his yard work last month, more than 20 band volunteers came out within an hour of the request to rake leaves in the yard of 93-year old Gordon Moellman.

The request came from Erik Moellman, Avon Schools Instrumental Music 5-12 teacher and Jazz Program Director, last month. He sent an email to families from the jazz program, requesting help clearing leaves at his grandpa’s house in Bay Village. The request struck a chord! Within a few hours of sending the email, more than 20 volunteers came out and cleared the whole yard in an hour!

Gordon Moellman is a 93-year-old WWII veteran who still lives on his own. It’s efforts like this leaf clearing help make that independence possible and help us all to remember with gratitude the country our WWII veterans built.

Thank you Avon band members and families!





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